Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Get-It-Done List

I will report to the Mexico missionary training center on June 25, 2014. {Mom note: We have just about 14 weeks to get him ready for THE NEXT TWO YEARS!!! A sense of panic is seeping under the doorway and wafting around the room}

Time to make THE LIST--made from a mom & dad's perspective. Things to get & things to do before he leaves. Kinda haphazard, but the first goal is to get stuff down on paper so that GREAT idea isn't forgotten or overlooked. Based on a combo of web research {Mom note: PLENTY of parents and missionaries who have walked this road before us, so take their advice!}, the list of suggested items in his missionary packet, and our own list of suggestions.

Passport & Visa
2 pieces of luggage (not to exceed 62 total dimensional inches, 50 lbs)
1 Carry-on (not to exceed 45 total dimensional inches)
Weight of expected books:  Books 8-12 lbs
·         Scriptures
·         True to the Faith
·         Jesus the Christ
·         Our Heritage
·         Our Search for Happiness
2 sets twin sheets
2 pillow cases
1 pillow
1 blanket
2 bath towels
2 hand towels
2 washcloths
Pedigree chart
Writing utensils
Shoulder bag
Photo storage chips
Mosquito net
Small fan
Travel iron?

·         Shaving razor
·         Deodorant
·         Toothbrush
·         Toothpaste
·         Shampoo
·         Sunscreen
·         Bugspray
·         Shoe polish supplies
·         Comb

First Aid Kit
·         Prescriptions
·         Vitamins
·         Allergy Meds
·         Decongestant
·         Thermometer
·         Fever Reducer
·         Pain Reliever
·         Anti diarrhea
·         Anti biotic ointment
·         Anti itch cream
·         Anti fungal cream
·         Bandaids
·         Lip balm
·         Moleskin
Small sewing kit
Laundry bags
Nike Dri-Fit Slacks
Enro Shirt or CTR shirt
Eccos/Doc Marten
Compression socks
Passport holder
White pants
1 pair pants
1 pair shorts
Work-out shorts
Dri-fit nike shirt
Running shoes
Sport socks
Rain poncho
Flip Flops
Extra Garments
Hidden pocket
Baggies for scriptures
Nalgene bottle
Water filter
Laminated family pics
Bike lock
Zipper locks
Plastic mattress wraps

Put name on all clothes/items
Order extra subscription to church magazines
Start list for care packages

Let the gathering begin!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Getting the Call

What a wonderful day! I received my mission call and waited until that night to open it with family. I posted on facebook for people to guess where I would go. Here's the tally results.

  • Argentina
  • Australia, Melborne
  • Chile
  • North Korea
  • Norway
  • Philippines
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • UK
  • UK, London
  • US, California, San Jose
  • US, Florida
  • US, New York
  • US, Oregon
  • US, Wyoming

Most of our family members got online so they could be part of the exciting news as it happened. And my friends Sage Betts, Zack Ricks, and Dillon Rogers came over to be part of the amazing event.

It was chaotic!
It was emotional!
It was nerve wracking!

So... what was the result?
Family and friends.

Family lined up on facetime waiting for the BIG NEWS!
Family in Oregon.

Getting ready to open the package.

Opening the package. (Less talking, more opening.)

The BIG announcement!


super super super exciting for us all.
I am a missionary of Jesus Christ!