Friday, April 25, 2014

Friends Called to Serve Missions

It's crazy to think that I'm still in high school, but in just a couple months I'm going to be joining 83,035 other missionaries worldwide spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of my friends my age or just one year older have just gotten their own mission calls.
  • Dillon Rogers is going to Chile, Santiago. He leaves for the Mexico City MTC on June 4th. We should be there at the same time! That's pretty cool.
  • Sarah Lyman is going to Denmark, Copenhagen and surrounding Danish regions and leaves for the Provo MTC in August. This is awesome since our exchange student this year is from Denmark.
  • Allison White is going to the Minnesota, Minneapolis Spanish speaking mission and leaves for the Mexico City MTC at the end of April.
  • Stephen Bahr is going to Ecuador, Quito. He leaves for the Mexico City MTC in early July. 
  • Brennan Rogers is going to Uganda, Kampala English speaking in September.
Who will be next?

Still waiting to hear about my cousin Hayden's call. He just put his papers in. His older sister (my cousin Lauren) is currently serving in the Portugal, Lisbon mission. She's on the Azores Islands right now.

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