Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Arrived in Mexico City

{Mom note: Zach left early in the morning from Colorado Springs. We were so tearful, but we know he's doing what he should do. Once he landed in Mexico City he was shuttled to the MTC-- they call it the CCM there.}

Checking in luggage. Two bags at 50 lbs each!

The girls waiting patiently early in the morning.

Heading to the gate. The anxiety is showing.

Getting in line.

Security check and on the way!

Not much time to write. Got here okay. Had to rush from first flight to second in Dallas because of delays on first flight. Made it in time.
Mexico is beautiful, but much of the city reminds me of the slums in Rio. Got my missionary packet w/ nametags and room key today. I got a lot of stuff to carry around.

Outside the CCM
Had to get a tetanus shot because CCM requires every 5 years instead of 10. Yay.
Still looking for Dillon. Will keep looking.
Love you all. Say hi to Alex and Bree and goodbye to Signe for me.
-Elder Campbell

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