Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Week 2 In The Bag

Hola! (it feels kinda weird saying that on email.)

Week 2 actually went a bit faster than Week 1. I hope this trend continues. One of the Elders told me something at Lunch the other day that actually kinda made sense: Every Day feels like a Week, and every Week feels like a Day. That holds true, at least for me. I try not to think about the Mountain of time left. It makes it easier to focus on the task at hand.
Mountain behind the CCM

We got to see the new group of misionaros come in on Wednesday the 2nd. They looked exactly like we did a week ago. Confused, Scared, Excited, Exhausted, and Completely Lost. Actually tomorrow marks the start of the third week here for us. Each week. the group of misionaros coming in has been getting larger and larger. We came in with a group of 140-ish. Last week 180 arrived, and tomorrow another 200 are expected. We're just getting to the peak of attendance here at the CCM. It won't begin shrinking until late August/early September.
The Elders

So the food here can be pretty weird or pretty normal, depending on what the cooks want to make. I eat whichever, but I avoid the spicy stuff now. I learned my lesson. Luckily, the diarrhea was a one-time thing, at least for me. For now.

Oh, last Tuesday (one week ago) I burned a hole in one of my pants. Apparently, whoever used it last turned the heat up way past it's highest setting, as if to spite whoever used it next. Some of the blame falls to me, however, because I really should've checked the settings before I used the iron. As soon as I pressed it to the fabric, it sizzled and smoked like it was on the grill. The hole came pretty much instantaneously. Anyway, one less pair of pants in my inventory. It was one of the Nike pairs.

Spanish has been going pretty well. I'm remembering a lot of what I learned in High School. Many of the missionaries in my district have either never spoken Spanish before or haven't used it in years, so I help them out sometimes. We are all of us struggling together to learn Spanish.

Teaching investigators has been rough, especially since we have to say everything in Spanish. Most of the time I'm able to get my message across, though not without difficulty. My compaƱero has it even worse. He has many important things he'd like to say, but can't since he doesn't know enough Spanish. We work hard at improving every day.

I feel like I have a ton more to say, but I can't really remember it at the moment.
I love you all. I miss you guys a lot. Your emails make waiting for next P-Day worth it.

I love you Mom, Dad, Alex, Bree, and Bodhi.


P.S. my compaƱero gave me a quote a couple days ago that I though was pretty funny.
"Even when you're feeling like Shiz, don't forget to push yourself back up."

If you don't know who Shiz is, he's in the last part of the Book of Ether.
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