Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 3 at the CCM

Zach and Dillon at the CCM. Dillon is from our home ward and is going to serve in the Chile Santiago Mission.

There's nothing like having friends when you are far from home.
Hey all!

So, lots to talk about.

So, Elder Wilson form my Casa (he came with me on the flight from Dallas) had a rough start to last week. I don't know if I told you guys this, but there's an outbreak of an intestinal virus at the CCM. This means we can't shake hands for the time being. I haven't gotten sick, but three of the Elders in my Casa have (Elder Walker, Elder Campbell (the other one) and Elder Wilson).

Power nap- Elder Baldwin and Elder Reece- The Best Two Years!

We've heard rumors that our Distrito (7-C) may head to the temple on P-Day. Since it's closed, we'd just be seeing the visitor center. Sadly, all these rumors were false, and we're not scheduled for a trip either today or next week. Bummer, dude.

I met a "Hermana Golden" at volleyball last Thursday. She told me to look for a "Hermana Lee" in Nicaragua. I don't know the likelihood of me ever seeing that Hermana, but I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Everybody is supposed to prepare a 5-minute talk for each Sunday in case they are randomly called upon to speak. This week's subject was "Repentance."
I wrote out a pretty crappy talk, chucked it, and started again Sunday morning. I wrote it first in English, then translated it to Spanish. I was still editing it into Sacrament meeting (We have sacrament only with our Branch, so 7-A,7-B, 7-C, 7-D, and 7-E were there). Not 5 minutes after I finished writing, they announced who'd be speaking.
I was second out of 6.
It was like a sign or something.
Nailed it.

With 7-A leaving next week, Elder Boice was called as the new Zone Leader, and Elder Crane was called as the new District Leader. Works out fine.

I joined with Elders Baldwin, Reese, Faldmo, and Branham in an impromptu quintet. We sang "Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy." I'll see if I can email the video to you guys.

The CCM has a different power gird than the rest of the city. It's kinda faulty. Every now and then, it'll shut down randomly. Yesterday it shut down four times, once in the morning and thrice at night.
Dude. It gets dark when all the power's off. I couldn't see a gol-darn thing. It reminded me of pretty much every single horror movie I've ever seen.
I may start taking my headlamp with me wherever I go.

Still waiting on the cards and the package. I'll let you know if I get them.

I love you all. I love you Mom, Dad, Alex, Bree and Bodhi. I miss you guys a lot.

-Elder Campbell

•    How bad/cool is the rainy season? Is it like Hawaii? Are you able to stay fairly dry? How often does it rain? Any thunder/lightning?
1) It rains almost every afternoon/evening here, but it gets pretty hot and sunny before then. It feels less humid than Hawaii. The REI umbrella's pretty finicky, so every now and then I have to unscrew the handle and reset the button. I'ts this little dinky plastic piece that disengages from the springing mechanism if I'm not careful with the umbrella. Thunder and lightning happen every other rainstorm or so. We got hills all around this part of the city so I'm not particularly worried about getting struck.

•    How bad are the bugs? Are you using bug spray?
2) Bugs aren't bad at all. Sure, there's tons of mosquitoes, but I haven't been bit and I swat any that come close. There's a few other kinds of bugs, but it appears that mosquitoes take up the vast majority. If I start getting bit, I'll use bug spray.

•    Any more stomach/intestinal issues?
3) No more intestinal stuff. It looks like it was caused by the spicy foods. Actually, several Elderes in my Casa have gotten some intestinal bug, but I haven't.

•    Do you have to sleep with your mosquito net?
4) I haven't had to break out the mosquito net. The windows have glass and screens, so we can keep 'em open without worrying about bugs. And, each room in the Casa has two flyswatters. They are used often.

•    Have you gotten a haircut yet?
5) No haircut yet. My hair's pretty short as it is. It's not even long enough to style yet.

•    How's your companion doing?
6) My compaƱero and I have been sick with some sort of cold for the past week. I got lucky, and ended up with a stuffy nose and a really awesome voice. He coughs all the time and lost his voice. So I've been the one taking the lead while teaching investigators. Then I get flak for "not letting my compaƱero talk enough." Well, he really can't talk right now. He's been getting better, though. I'll see about adding a picture of him.
Me and my companion, Elder Shawcroft

•    Do you hear gun shots outside the MTC as some people have said?
7) I'm not sure whether some of the loud bangs I've heard have been gunshots, cannon blasts, or cars backfiring. I can't distinguish between them.

•    What is your favorite experience at the MTC so far? What is your least favorite?
8) My favorite experience at the CCM thus far would have to be either the P-Days or singing Himnos with the other Elderes in my Casa at night. My least favorite thing would have to be the "TALL" program on the computers. We use it to help us learn Spanish, but it's SUPER tedious.

•    Are the bathrooms normal? Or do you poop on the floor?
9) The bathrooms are pretty normal. No floor-pooping here.

•    Did you like your sticky notes in your bags? :)
10) I loved the sticky notes. They make me smile every time I look at them.

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