Monday, August 25, 2014

2 Months Into It‏

Hey all!

This week was pretty rough. Not one of our 12-or-so investigators came to church. This is the second week in a row for many of them, so we need to realize they are not ready for the gospel yet and move on.
This includes J____.

I thought he'd turn around and come back, but that's not how it's gonna be, at least for now. Maybe we'll try again in a couple months.

That reminds me, I'm Anderson's last compañero here. I'll be with him 'till late October, so I'm not moving out of this area (Waspan) 'till then, either.

Dinner with Elder Anderson

The fried bananas are really good!

Typical meal here. Beans, rice, egg or chicken, and fried banana. 5-star quality food right here!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Mom, Whitney Rogers is in my District! I met her on day 1 in the field when all the newbies first got their comp's, and she was there to train a newbie. I've been able to talk with her since then, and tell her that her uncle is my bishop; that I knew the Rogers' in Colorado; Dillon being in the CCM with me, etc.

Crazy how that worked out.
A visitor in our casa. They keep the bugs away- like when we lived in Florida!

Sadly, nobody can sing here. In other words, none of the Nicas and most of the Latino missionaries are completely tone-deaf. It's really sad, but only when we sing hymns together in church. Luckily, Elder Baldwin is in my Zone and Anderson can sing just fine, so there's still good music around.

So, much craziness last Tuesday (Aug. 19). We had a Reunión for Nuevos (Newbies) at the Stake Center, which is our area's church building. I got to see everybody I came here with from the CCM. It was pretty awesome.

That's not all. Midway through the meeting, and partially to make a point, Presidente Collado randomly told everybody to go outside and invite somebody to tour the church. It was crazy. We still did it, though. A flood of missionaries talking to tons of people right in front of the church and giving tours inside.
When it was all said and done, tons of new contacts and possible investigators came out of it. The crazy part is that since most of the people live in our area, most of the contacts went directly to Anderson and I. That's roughly 50 contacts.

Well, we may have lost our old investigators, but we have no problem deciding where to go next. We're set for the next week at least.

Somebody robbed our lavadora's (the lady who washes our clothes) house last Wednesday night. The crazy thing is, all of our clothes were sprawled out over charis and couches to dry, and the theives walked right past it all and took some money and a cell phone on the front room's table. Then they left. Anderson's heard all these stories about missionaries who've lost their clothing in situations like this, so I was really relieved. I still feel bad for the lady, though.

A mototaxi. This was is driven by a church member, so he let us take these goofy pictures.

They are super tiny!
Went on a somewhat spontaneous division with one of the AP's. Anderson was like, "Almost forgot to tell you, pack a change of garments and a fresh shirt, you're heading to Máximo Jeréz for the night!"
That was on Saturday and Sunday. Quite unexpected, but it turned out okay. I'm back in Waspan now. The AP, Elder Toolson, is an okay guy. As of right now he has only 9 days left on his mission. Before I left he asked me to make a list of songs he should look up when he gets back.

I can't even think that far ahead yet.

So, that's all for now. Sounds like overall things are going great back in the Springs.

Dad, congratulations on getting all this media attention for your work! It definitely deserved to be recognized.

I love you all. I Love you Mom, Dad, Alex, Bree, and Bodhi. Only 22 months left.


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