Monday, September 29, 2014

How Great Shall Be Your Joy

Hey all!

So, much craziness this week.
As if every week isn't crazy. Crazy is the norm here. Ask Hayden or Lauren. They'll testify.

On Thursday (three months to the day in my mission), I baptized R____. He's a really great guy. He loves to study, to read, and to learn, and I know if he remains firm in the faith, he'll be a leader in the Church someday.
R____'s baptism was on September 25, 2014. L-R Elder Alfaro, Me, R_____, Elder Anderson.

On Saturday, I baptized J___. His process of conversion has actually been more chaotic than R_____'s, but here we are. He was actually Anderson's and my first investigator. It's nice to see how it's all come full circle after so long.
J___'s baptism on September 27, 2014. L-R Elder Alfaro, Me, J___, Elder Anderson.

Sunday night Alfaro got really hungry, and since we can't buy anything on Sundays, he checked the fridge. All that was left over after Anderson and whoever lived here before us was some bologne and two eggs. So that's what he had.

Dinner of Champions.

Actually, kinda reminded me of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. Included a picture of it in the new ones.

Also included a picture of Alfaro writing down numbers (he's Zone Leader for Bello Horizonte). His exhausted expression is what I've come to call "the missionary face."
Missionary Face

Also, the email you recieved from Presidente means that we get 45 minutes each person. 90 minutes in total. 15 of that is required to email Presidente, so we only get 30 minutes each P-Day to email you guys. Just some clarification.

From Tuesday to Friday, I was in a Trio with Alfaro and Schoenfeld. Both of them are great guys.
Schoenfield, Alfaro, and Me.

Tell Alex I'll have some advice for her next email, so stay tuned till then.

I love you all. I love you Mom, Dad, Alex, and Bree.




1) Tell us more about your companion. Where is he from? How long has he been out? Is he a convert? What about his family?
*My compañero is Elder Elías Alfaro from Alajuela, Costa Rica. He's been out for 6 months. He was born into the Church, (4th generation), which is rare for Latinos. His family is apparently a big name in the Church in Central America.

2) How is the language coming along? What about discussions?
*Language is coming along fine. We teach only in Spanish, so it's starting to feel like a natural thing.

3) What will you be doing for General Conference? Did you know that this year they will allow speakers to talk in their native language if they want? I think that’s so cool!
*They'll be broadcasting GC straight to our Stake Center (my building) and probably in Spanish. I'll be using those GC booklets you gave me. I'll let you know how they go.

4) What’s the craziest thing you’ve eaten so far and what was it like?
*I ate tongue two days ago. It tasted juast like regular beef, but just a little spongier. Other than that, nothing too crazy.

5) Have you had any language blunders that are noteworthy?
*Are you tryna jinx me or sumpin?  No, nothing too embarassing. Yet.

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