Monday, September 8, 2014

If The Sky That We Look Upon Should Tumble And Fall‏

Hey all!
I tell you what, there's so much that goes on here that as a missionary you're hardly ever sitting around doing nothing.

Anyway, on Wednesday we had Elder Alonzo from one of the Quorums of the Seventy come speak to the missionaries in the chapel. We were divided into three groups over three days. Our group was first. His message was pretty powerful.
Mission Conference

Singing hymns- in Spanish of course.
We got food!

On Friday Anderson made a bet with me that if we had three lessons with a member present that day, he'd buy me a 3-liter bottle of soda. Friday was a great day for teaching and I now have a 3-liter bottle of soda waiting for me back at the casa.

Saturday night at around 11:00 PM, a tremendous explosion rocked our casa and the surrounding neighborhood. It set off tons of car alarms and dogs barking. My first thought was that the top floor of our casa had collapsed, but it was fine. Initial news reports declared that a bomb had gone off at the airport (our casa is near but not right next to the airport). But, these were later changed to reports of that meteorite you guys heard about.

Yes, I heard it. It was quite loud. Thankfully, it landed in an uninhabited field. From the news article [click the link to read about it] you guys sent me I can tell that it would've done some serious damage had it impacted in a neighborhood.

I've had a few personal revelations this week. The first one was Wednesday morning. Basically I realized that a day here can go really well or it can suck. But, that's all up to you. It's all in your head. Your attitude determines how the day will go. Sure, a bunch of stuff might happen, but it's up to you whether or not it affects you.
Oh yeah, did I mention I also sang in a small group. This is us practicing.


The other realization happened Saturday morning. I was reading in the war chapters of the Book of Mormon (Alma 43-62) and I read a lot about Teancum and Captain Moroni. Both of these dudes were amazingly strong and righteous warriors. Both rightly attributed their successes to God.

But while Captain Moroni surveyed each risk and made each decision with utmost care, Teancum was often quite reckless and made crazy spur-of-the-moment decisions. Both men were rewarded with great success for their endeavours, but Teancum's reckless actions got him killed.

I ended up having a long conversation about it with Anderson, and he revealed to me that the old Mission President (Arredondo) encouraged missionaries to make crazy or reckless decisions if it meant teaching or baptizing families. Presidente Collado has since corrected much of these errors, but most of the older missionaries still keep the tradition.
Anderson and Me adding our prints on the mission banner.

We are Christ's hands.
Mission President and his wife.

Gotta go. Don't have much time.

I love you all. I love you Mom, Dad, Alex, and Bree.



1. Are you feeling better? Still sick? You know you can take medicine if you still have symptoms!

*Feeling better now. Thankfully. The entire thing lasted just under a day, but I still felt ooky for another couple days. I'm fine now. I did take antacid and zofran.

2. OH! The rocks reminded me! I heard that there was a meteorite that smashed into Managua near the airport in a remote area on Sunday. Did you hear or feel anything? CRAZY!

*YES, I heard the meteorite. I'll talk about it more in the big email.

3. Can you print email? Or PDFs? If yes, I have some things to send you.

*Yes, I can print email. Go ahead and send me what you want to.

4. Any more scorpions? Or other critters coming into your apartment? Are you using your bug net?

*Anderson killed another scorpion a few days ago in our house with his shoe. Super gross. I'm not too worried as long as I can find the critter before it stings/bites me first.

5. Just so you know, I sent another package. I couldn’t get the peanut butter in there, but I hope you will like what I sent. It did take about 1 month for the last package to get to you, so that is what I will plan on. I’m so glad you are in Managua so you can get them quickly! We already have a Halloween package ready to send out! ANYTHING you want, please let me know. We can even get ready a General Conference package sent out. But I dunno if it will reach you in time.

*If you can, could you please send chocolate? I know it'll melt, but we have fridges in each casa, so I'll be ok. Don't worry about the GC package now; it's probably too late. But thanks for what you have sent already. That peanut butter was seriously a miracle.

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