Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Three Months Into It

Hey all!

Crazy how time passes when you don't focus on it. In three days I'll have been on the mission for three months.

Tell Alex not to worry about not playing on JV yet. If she keeps working hard and doing her best, the coaches will notice it and eventually choose her over other players who are also talented but don't work as hard. Ask Dad for the "hard work vs. talent" quote by Cole VonOhlen.

Tell Bree that I said to listen to Mom. And that I miss spending time with her.
Micky-D's in Managua. Here's the McSmolder.

Me and my new companion, Elder Alfaro, and our matching McD ties.

Not much happened this week. We had two people with a baptismal date but only one came to church on Sunday so we have to postpone him and find out what happened.

Tomorrow we have a ReuniĆ³n for Nuevos. This includes those from my CCM group and those from the CCM group after ours, so there'll be like 80 missionaries at our church building tomorrow.

Hey- if you could eat at an American restaurant in Nicaragua, this one isn't so bad.

Instead of getting colder here like it does in the US, it honestly feels like it's been getting hotter. I don't know if seasons exist down here, but I sure hope they do.

I love you all. I love you Mom, Dad, Alex, Bree, and Bodhi.


Hey Dad!
Sounds like you're having fun up in the cold and the rain. Haha. I honestly wish I was there too, if only to be with you and to feel what cold is like again. Here it's a myth. Hope you have more success hunting.

Before the change we had 1-1.5 hours to write. Now it's a fraction of that. I can't remember the joke exactly, but Elder Alonzo of the Seventy was giving his talk to us when he made it. He even said "No, no, I'm joking," afterwards.

But, whatever. At least I still get time to email you guys.

I love you so much. Have fun up in the mountains for me.



    1. TIME SAVER TIP:   YOU DON’T HAVE TO REPLY TO EACH EMAIL YOU RECEIVE EXCEPT OURS. If you have to print out emails of other people, DO IT—then take time DURING THE WEEK to compose a response. WRITE DOWN YOUR RESPONSE TO THEM so you can speed up getting it sent out. Another tip I heard is if you can’t print, take a picture of the email and use your camera zoom to read it.
*Ok. Good tips.

    2. Send pictures. Send pictures. Send pictures.
*Will do. Sorry about last week; our regular Ciber was closed and the one we went to sucked so I couldn't send photos. Will send some this week.

   3. Rain rain go away! How’s the umbrella? Did you get another one at the shops? Does the rain mean more bugs in your apartment? What about other critters (rats, mice)?
*My umbrella keeps breaking, so I might get a new one. Honestly, The only thing I'm worried about getting wet is my scriptures, so I bring the waterporoof bag for them. Othwer than that, I don't mind getting a little wet. So far not too many other bugs in my apartment.

    4. What is your favorite part of your routine each day? What is your least favorite?
*My favorite part of each day is committing people to church and to read the scriptures. I love finding new investigators.

    5. How are your socks and shoes holding up so far? Do we need to send another pair of boots?
*My shoes are doing great. No need to send new ones yet.

    6. Any problems with dogs?
*Anderson had a huge fear of dogs, but I'm fine. So far. Whenever we encounter angry dogs, I immediately consider whether or not they're small enough to punt. If not, we consider good ways to avoid them.

My brothers.


Just goofing off.


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