Monday, October 27, 2014

Big Freaking Changes

Hey all!

So, this week was awesome! We baptized R______, E_______, E________ (jr.), C______, B_______, and H_____! C_____ is only 6, so he has to wait a couple years. But, everyone was baptized and confirmed! And R______ married E_________, so they're officially a family! It feels great to have success like this in the Lord's work.
Our AMAZING Family!!

R______ and E_______ got married!!

So, on Saturday I found out the changes for the next six weeks. Turns out, I'm going to Puerto Cabezas! [Mom note: That's on the east coast side of Nicaragua. Opposite of where he is now.] Elder Maughan from my group in the CCM is going to, and he'll be in my Distrito!
Me and Elder Maughan

When I heard the changes, I was a bit shocked. EVERYBODY wants to go to Puerto. I've talked with a few missionaries who've been there, and they said it's SUPER tough, but you baptize a ton of people. So I wasn't too sure whether I wanted to go, but obviously the Lord knows I can handle it.
I'm probably gonna be there for 8 months or so, so I don't know what I'll do about incoming packages.

Also, I can only take 35 Lbs. of stuff, so I've got some sorting to do. It'll probably be mostly clothes and another pair of shoes.

But! I have to wait a week or two until my Nica cédula comes through. So I'll be temporary compañeros with Maughan in Waspan until we're approved to go.

Lots to digest. I also found out that my Puerto compañero will be Elder Lawrence from Colorado. He stayed in the same house and area I'm in now (Waspan Sur) before he went to Puerto as well. I haven't met him yet.

So, that's all for now. Lots of craziness, as usual. Anderson heads home in two days with his group of older missionaries. Alfaro is going to be training another newbie.

Me and Elder Anderson

I love you all. I love you Mom, Dad, Alex, and Bree.

1) Do they have Daylight Savings time there? We switch this coming weekend.
Nope. No Daylight Savings here. That's a USA thing.

2) Did you get our package yet?
I didn't get your package but I did get a package from Lola and Lolo. I dunno if I've already told you that. It had a ton of food. I liked it a lot.

3)  Do you have a place you can play DVD’s? If we sent you some?
Yes, we have little DVD players with screens, so you could send a DVD if you wanted to.

4) How are your shoes holding up?
Shoes are doing fine. I'm using my boots much more than my church shoes just for the wear & tear and abundant water.

5) How are transfers done down there? Are they coming up?
Big announcement in the big email.

6) Anything culturally interesting things they do there? Do they celebrate Halloween? Or Day of the Dead?
They celebrate Día de los Santos (Nov. 2) and a few people here celebrate Halloween. For the most part, Nicaragua doesn´t have any sort of cultural holidays.

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