Monday, November 3, 2014

Waiting On The World To Change

Hey all!

So, I haven't actually traveled to Puerto yet! It honestly kinda sucks to be here waiting. We haven't been called to the Department Office yet to get our c├ędulas, so we have to keep working here in Waspan until they arrive.

Here's actually a different phase of the mission work- I'm working and teaching and proselytizing with the knowledge that I am only planting seeds in people's hearts-- not harvesting them.

We give all of our contacts and references to the Elders who are actually assigned here (Alfaro, Harris, Zorrilla, and Ferrin).

So the new shipment of missionaries came in last Tuesday! They looked exhausted, and totally lost. I am sure that my gorup looked exactly the same way when we came here.

So, not much else to say. Just sitting (working, actually) and waiting.

I love you all. I love you Mom, Dad, Alex, and Bree.

The District

Me and Elder Castillo

The Elders on P-day


1) Do they have marshmallows in Nica? Can you build a fire and toast them? (I’m thinking s’mores.)

* They do have marshmallows! But they're actually crazy expensive (which is weird), so we never buy 'em. Also we can't have fires 'cause the houses we use are just being rented, not owned.

2) How’s the laundry lady working out for you? Any worn out spots on your clothes? Do you need us to send any replacement clothes?

* The laundry lady is great! She's actually a member of the church, and very strong in the faith. I don't need any replacement clothes yet.

3) Will you get packages in your new location? Or will you still have to wait until you get back to the mission home? If so, how often will that be?

* I don't know. I'll let you guys know next week.

4) We are also getting ready to send you a digital voice recorder so that you can talk into it during the week and just upload the files to dropbox. (They will be MP3 files.) It can save you a TON of time and you can do it INSTEAD of using all your time typing up an email. I’ll just transcribe your message and post it. How does that sound to you? I’m thinking that the 30 minute limit will NOT change.

* Sounds like a plan. I'll need to get used to it, though, and I'm not sure how you guys'll transfer the information to the blog.

5) Any tummy issues? Are you healthy? I pray for good health for you EVERY SINGLE DAY! That reminds me—DON’T PICK UP ANY MORE ANIMALS!!!!! Um… yeah!!!! They are vectors for scary diseases or other toxins—bites, stings. Please please please please. This is your mother BEGGING you to not pick up animals—at the very least, the creepy ones!  I know you are a zookeeper, but it gives me a heart attack—especially the SNAKE!!!

* I'm doing pretty good so far! Ok, I won't pick up any more animals.

6) Do you want me to pick out a Christmas ornament this year for you? Or do you want to find one in Nica?

* Please pick out an ornament for me back in Colorado. Some Star Wars spaceship, or a Star Trek one if you can't find Star Wars. I'll see about here, but they don't celebrate Christmas here like they do back home.

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