Monday, November 24, 2014

Welcome to Florida!...oh wait...

Hey all!

This week has definitely had its ups and downs as I adjust to the "Puerto Life." Some things are so different here it almost feels like a complete other mission. The language would have to be the biggest divider. It honestly sound like some strange African tongue with random English words thrown in. I definitely want to make a conscious effort to learn this new language.

View from outside our apartment.

So, we had a baptism on Saturday! We baptized this kid named K___, who met the missionaries while they were teaching his aunt, C___. We've taught him everything, and he's come to church with us several times, so we committed him to baptism this past week. Everything went great. I've sent a picture of it.

Baptism on Saturday of young man K____ with me and my companion Elder Lawrence.
Speaking of which, I've also included a picture of the well water we drink here.
Just kidding. It's actually a chocolate-oatmeal drink.


Drink up!

But seriously, some of the wells people use here to get water are truly nasty. Like, poop-brown/worms-in-it nasty. Luckily our well has much cleaner water.

Right now we're teaching this teenager named D__. He's been taking the lessons pretty well and he keeps coming back to learn more, but I have a strong suspicion he hasn't told his parents that we're teaching him especially since they're Moravian.

Me and T____.

The Moravian church considers it a sin to talk to people from any religion other than the Moravians, and it denounces the LDS church as a devil-worshipping cult.
It's also the largest church here in Puerto Cabezas and the surrounding communities, so it's often difficult to find new people to talk to. But, we're not too discouraged.

Turns out, Elder Spence went home last week, for reasons unknown. That really bums me out. But, Elder Maughan made it to Puerto four days ago safe and sound, so that's great! Unfortunately, he's already had his camera stolen in the very short time he's been here. By a kid. So that's kinda sad too.

I gotta go. I love you all. I love you Mom, Dad, Alex and Bree.


P.S. Happy Birthday Bree! You're a Beehive now! Yeah! I honestly have no idea what that's like, so ask your sister on how to handle life at this age. I was a very different kid at 12 years old.
Hope your birthday was amazing! I promise I'll be back in time for your 14th.

The mission area.

Tracting in the wilderness.
1)   Did you get the instructions for priming the water filter? It should work if you do those steps right.

*Yes, I got the instructions. I'll try them out. So far, I've been working with the mesh bottle filter and the Steripen, which work out fine so far. We do buy purified water in addition to having tap water in the mornings.

2) Anything unusual happening there for you? As in WAY different than your experiences in Managua?

*Everything here is way different than Managua. For starters, everything is more laid-back, and a lot of people here sadly don't have motivation to do anything. But it gets pretty dangerous here at nights, especally since alcohol here sells cheaper than purified water. So, the schedule here has us getting up at 5:30 and going to bed at 8:30 (a whole hour earlier than back west).

3) What is the weather like there compared to Managua? Still super rainy? Cooler? Hotter?

*It's SUPER humid here, and it rains most nights. Honestly it feels about the same heat-wise as Managua, but the high humidity means we're sweating almost all the time.

4) Can you see the ocean? If so, what is it like? Florida? Hawaii? California? What is the sand texture?

*The sand is like Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, but a mile or so inland looks EXACTLY like Florida. It's so similar it's creepy. It's got those pine trees, gravel ground, and spiky plants and everything. It's got a mixture of coastal jungle, tropical plains, and Florida-ish climate. I sent a picture or two of it. Seriously just looking at it gives me flashbacks of Niceville.

The ocean!

P-day selfies.

5) Has your P-day changed much? If so, how?

*P-Day hasn't changed much at all, though we have to be more careful about groups of drunk people because they're everywhere.

6)Your Christmas packages (2 of them) were sent by us on Nov 8. Let us know when/if you get them. Remember to SHARE with your companion!

*I did get a package recently, but I don't think it was the Christmas package. It had candy, jerky, and some copies of the Liahona. Was that one of them? Thanks a TON, by the way.

7) I found a dictionary online for Miskito/Spanish/English. It is 152 pages long as a PDF. I will attach it to the long email, but I don’t know how useful it will be for you. Take a look at it if you can, and if you like it, I will have it printed and mail it to you. Let me know!

*Please send me a part of the PDF if you can so I can look over it. They do sell english-miskito dictionaries here as well, so I will look into it.

Gathered for a birthday celebration!

T___ and his adorable family!

We were all there for cake!

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