Monday, January 19, 2015


Hey all!

This week was pretty disappointing. ALL of our investigators fell. And all four baptismal dates too. Super sad, but that's often part of the mission. Just gotta roll with it.

Also, changes (i.e. transfers) rolled around, and though the entire rest of Puerto Cabezas is changing areas, our whole District isn't. Yep, its Lawrence and I together again for the third time. He's a great guy.

Not only that, we're getting another companionship here in P.C. We now got a total of 26 missionaries working here in Puerto. Two of them, Elders Crane and Maughan, were in my CCM group, so that's nice. We're also gonna have another "fogata" (fireside) here to kick the new transfer off. It's pretty cool. We make this huge bonfire at a member's house and each of us gets a chance to bear our testimonies.

Other than that, not much out of the norm this week. Days are kinda blurring together a little bit. While we work way over here in Puerto, the rest of the missionaries back West are changing their areas around a ton. Maybe I should be grateful for this period of "smaller changes."

I'll be cheering for New England over Seattle in the Super Bowl this year, thanks to last year's game. Yep.

Sorry that this one's so short. Not much happened this week. Also it's eternal summer here, so winter is nothin' but a memory.

I love you all. I love you Mom, Dad, Alex, and Bree.


1) Toe? Better? Back down to 1 doxy per day. Keep it clean and dry.
* Getting better. Infection's almost gone, and the nail's growing out now. I've been taping and soaking it daily.

2)  Have you taken any cash out? We saw a withdrawal on the 13th and the 15th each for about $20. Was that you? If so, that’s fine. We just need to keep track to make sure it wasn’t someone else.
* Yes, that was me on the 13th and the 15th. I can be sure to let you guys know whenever I do take out money.

3) Did you get groceries? Getting better food?
* The eggs and ramen was actually a fantastic idea. Thank you for reminding me! It tasted like home.

4) Any more food illness? Turtle?
* No new food illnesses. Yet. I was actually told by some of the Miskito people here that gringos who eat turtle for the first time usually get really sick, and then the second time they're fine. I'm not so sure on that, but it was Elder Lawrence's second time eating it (he got terrible diarrhea the first time) and he was fine this time around.

5) What is a typical Sunday like? How early do you get up? How far away is the chapel? Do you meet up with other missionaries? How long do you stay at church? How do you get back home?
* A typical Sunday we get up just like any other day, except we go around reminding and inviting people to go to church. If we don't do this, they don't come. Sometimes we have to walk with them to the bus just to make sure they go. Anyway, we have a bus that brings us to and from the church. Sometimes we go to two of the services because some of our investigators couldn't make the first one. After that, we proselyte 'till 7PM, then turn in for weekly numbers and go to bed.

6) How are splits going with the locals?
* Fine. We only do it on Sundays to be able to invite everybody to church.

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