Monday, February 16, 2015

To Infinity and Beyond

Hey all!

Well, this week we decided to broaden our horizons a bit. We traveled to the very edge of our area (Caminante 1), a little community called Kamla.

I should explain, the neighborhood of Caminante used to be split up into 3 areas (Caminante 1, 2, & 3), but in recent years it's been fused into two. The very edge of what used to be Caminante 3 (now part of our area) is the community Kamla, so we decided to travel over there to see what we could see.
It's very peaceful over there. The houses are very spaced out and there's a lot of jungle surrounding the whole area.

I tried to send pictures, but it looks like they'll have to wait till next week since the Ciber we're at isn't very good. Sorry.

Other than that, this whole entire week was another big trial. We lost all of our investigators once more, even the new ones encountered during the week. I know that at this point in time it's another test of patience and diligence that Heavenly Father has put in our path. I'm actually starting to get flashbacks of Waspan Sur in Managua from these past two weeks.

We have three Elders finishing their missions here in two weeks: Elder Salazar (Lawrence's most recent companion), Elder Mariño (Maughan's current companion), and Elder Alvarado (one of our ZL's). All three are really starting to get homesick.

I'm sorry this email is so short. Not much happened this week except a lot of diasappointment and fallen investigators. I hope you continue to enjoy Signe's visit and the (mostly) nice weather over there.

I love you all. I love you Mom, Dad, Alex, and Bree. And Signe.


1) Do the Nica’s celebrate Valentine’s Day? Any holy saint day? What do they do?
* They do celebrate Valentine's Day here. Down here it's called "Día de San Valentino" or "Día de Amor" (Day of Love). They also celebrate a TON of other holy saint days, of which not one have I heard about prior to the mission. Really to celebrate, they just close down a few local businesses and shops and hold drinking parties at their houses. It's a really bad way to celebrate.

2) What do Nica’s do with trash? Is there recycling? Or do they reuse what they can?
* They just throw trash on the ground wherever they happen to be. Literally. Sometimes people rake it into piles and burn it (lovely smells there),  but they only have a single tiny garbage truck working down here in Puerto Cabezas, and it was donated here by Japan. There is no recycling, but anytime a Nica sees a piece of trash that appeears useful for something else (a piece of wire, half a tarp, etc.) he picks it up and keeps it.

3) What size shoes do you need? I know they are Ecco brand, but we need the size. We will have to send each shoe in separate boxes.
*Both pairs that I have are size 43.

4) Have you eaten anything else interesting? Any cool Nica fruit that we don’t have here? A little more variety than beans and rice? Maybe ice cream? Or cold drinks? It was cool that you found some Mt. Dew!
*Not really. They aren't known for variety down here. The most interesting thing I've eaten here in a few weeks was the soup Elder Lawrence cooked up last night. He used a basic powdered chicken broth with some tiny noodles included. To spice it up he added egg, green pepper, and onion. And accidentally a whole packet of black pepper (i.e., literally "spiced up"). It was actually really good.
Yes, they have cold drinks. When the power's not shut off. The Mountain Dew was a favor from the ZL's when they traveled to Managua for their monthly leadership meeting with all the other ZL's.

5) Have you found any ukuleles or guitars there that you can play? I can send you music if you want. Do you see anyone playing the guitar there?
*I've seen a grand total of one guitar shop here, so I'll have to see if the prices are any good. I've only seen two missionary-owned guitars here, and they were hand-me-downs from missionaries who came before. I would love music, but I'd need a guitar first. I'll let you know before I try to buy one. A lot of the Moravian churches here use the guitar to "worship."

6) I found an interesting article online about the Miskito people and the LDS church. Here’s the link if you have time to read it.

Thanks! I'll share this link with Lawrence!


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