Monday, March 2, 2015

A Third of the Way Through

Hey all!

Well, this week definitely threw me for a loop.

So, as per the new transfers, I have been moved to Loma Verde 2 as Senior Companion, with Elder Choque as my new companion. Elder Lawrence is staying in Caminante 1 (he'll have 9 months in the same area by the end of this change), with Elder Accordino as his new companion.

So that makes Elders Choque, Accordino, Tran, and Shawcroft (yep, my CCM comp) newbies to Puerto.
Leaving Puerto are Elders Mariño, Salazar, Alvarado (all 3 finishing their missions), and Cabrera. With Elder Subuyú and Hermana Ferrin finishing their missions next transfer, the rest of us in Puerto are seeing a huge overhaul of missionaries here.

I myself am a bit overwhelmed. This is my first time serving as a senior companion, and I get to do it in an area that I am completely unfamiliar with. I'll actually be going on divisions with Elder Compton later today to learn my area, as he himself worked in it for a time.

So, lots of responsibility for me. Not sure how I'll be able to handle this right now, but I know that with fervent prayer and the Lord's help I can effectively and efficiently fulfill my calling in this new area.

On Tuesday, Larence and I baptized this girl named D____. She's the niece of our recent convert O____. We've been teaching D____ and her mother M____ for some time now, but D____ has responded with much more acceptance and eagerness than her mother. Now that I'm in a new area, I pray that Elders Lawrence and Accordino can touch M____'s heart and lead her into the waters of baptism.

I on the other hand have to not only meet and get to know Elder Salazar's investigators, but also begin searching for my own.

Also, A____, O____, and their family have been doing much better. They stopped by the hospital on Monday and Tuesday to perform tests on A____, and they discovered that there are no lasting medical problems from the attack. So that is truly an answer to so many prayers.

I love you all. I love you Mom, Dad, Alex, and Bree.


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