Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nine Months In!

Hey All!

Wow, it's almost a year since I started the mission. When you put your head down and work, time seems to fly by. Sometimes, anyway. Often it feels like it just drags on.
Anyway, my foot is doing better after the partial nail removal. I've been taping it and wearing flip-flops. So, for now, the plan is to let it heal. Only a small part of the nail was removed, just like last time. Hopefully that's all I'll need.

Last Thursday, we had a multi-mission Conference in Managua. Both the North and South missions all came together to listen to not only the presidente of both missions, but also Bishop Dean M Daviess and Elder Adrian Ochoa.

That is, except for Puerto Cabezas. Literally every missionary in Nicaragua went to this Conference except for the 26 assigned to Puerto. It sucked. We had to sit in the chapel and watch the conference via satellite transmission. Sometimes it cut out unexpectedly and the signal had to be renewed.

The only thing that made it worthwhile, besides the spiritual messages, was the moment when Bishop Daviess ended his talk, paused a moment, then looked straight into the camera filming the conference. Then he said, "We would like to take a moment to recognize the missionaries who were not able to be here in person today. Those of you serving in Zona Puerto Cabezas," (here everyone in Puerto cheered loudly) "we thank you for your faithful service and obedience. You are a special group of missionaries, and your efforts are very dear to us. Our prayers are with you as you serve the Lord."

That was all. Elder Ochoa also made a remark about the Puerto Zone too. It was awesome. Nice to know that they still remembered us even if we were stuck on the East Coast.

Also, there's a rumor going around that the mission will be splitting soon. The areas that include Bluefields, Puerto Cabezas, and the surrounding communities (the entire east coast of Nicaragua) will be merged into a separate third mission. The rest of the two Nicaraguan missions would remain the same.

This is still a rumor, so no promises or confirmations there. But even the AP's from both missions are talking about it. I'll keep you guys updated.

Other than that, not much else going on around here at the moment. On Friday night Elder Choque and I found a family who'd been old investigators of LDS missionaries before us. Apparently both missionaries had left at the same time, so this couple was unfortunately forgotten about. Luckily, their desire to hear the Restored Gospel hadn't diminished in that time, and they agreed to a baptismal date on the 28th of March. The Lord truly prepares His children to hear the gospel. Choque and I are just seeing the fruits of seeds planted some time ago by missionaries before us.

Me personally, I've been feeling just run down lately. I got some nasty food poisoning last Monday night right after I finished emailing and puked in the street. I'm feeling better now, but this is slowly wearing me down

I love you all. I love you Mom, Dad, Alex, and Bree. Please say hi to the rest of the family for me and thanks a bunch for the pictures!


1. How are you??? We’ve been on pins and needles wanting to hear from you. Give us the update on the toe situation. Are you on crutches? Are you going sock & croc?  You must give it time to heal.

*I'm doing ok. This time they only removed part of the nail again. Now it's healing, but I gotta keep it taped and make sure it doesn't enter the skin once again. I may put cotton under the nail as it grows out. Right now I am sticking to socks and flip-flops.

2. What did the doctor say about what you will be able to do?

*He said to take it easy on walking around, and to rest my foot often. Basically the same things you guys tell me.

3. Have you had help during this time? From your companion? From members?

*I've been fine on my own. There hasn't really been any help needed.

4. So, after all that, how are you doing REALLY? Are you and your companion gelling? I know you’ll have some companions who are more of your favorites than others, so how does Elder Choque measure?

*Elder Choque and I are doing great! Although we don't have much in common, we've been able to get to know one another and bond even with many trials occurring at the same time. We've also seen much success together in only a short period of time. He's super cool under pressure. As far as companions go, I'd say he's one of my favorites.

5. We never sent your package because most of it was your shoes. I will send what we have, but know that your shoes will have to be in a later package because we are getting you a larger size shoe.

*Ok. Thanks!


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