Monday, March 30, 2015

Onward to April

Hey All!

First off, shout outs to Uncle Fred and Aunt Liz, the Lunceford's, Lauren, and Kiki. Thank you guys so much for all your support! Your emails (and regular mail) make every day a little brighter. Even in the land of eternal summer.

Well, this month has definitely been one of the most chaotic and enjoyable months in my mission thus far. It hasn't been the smoothest of rides, but we've made it through okay so far.

So, this past week Elder Choque and I baptized B_____. He's the newlywed husband of a less-active member named C_____, who was baptized 7 years ago. The cool story about this particular convert is that he was actually an old investigator of other Elders who worked in Loma Verde a year ago. Records written from that time state that he was actually taught by the missionaries even before that time, so this conversion has really been a long time coming. Elder Choque and I were very blessed to be able to see the fruits of many labors with this couple.

In other news, I got a package from Aunt Kim and Uncle Shane in the mail this week!! It had some awesome chocolate, those little graham bear thingies (also awesome), some new pens, notepads, and a bunch of other useful stuff. Thanks so much for sending it!

As for my toe, I accidentally cut it open on Friday when I stubbed my toe on a rock I failed to notice. It's healing up nicely, but I'm almost amused at the kind of crap my toe has been through. Almost amused.

This computer's being really crappy, so I gotta go before it shuts off on me entirely. I'm sorry this email's so short. I promise the next one will be longer.

I love you all. I love you Mom, Dad, Alex, and Bree.


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