Monday, April 27, 2015

10 Months In - OR - Everything Falls Apart

Hey all!
Well, this week kinda sucked. We lost almost all of our investigators and must once more start anew (no surprises there). What was disappointing was that out of our two investigators with baptismal dates for this Saturday, only one was baptized. The other simply stopped talking to us, for whatever reason, and refused to explain why she suddenly no longer desired to make a commitment with God.

Super frustrating.

But, I know that this is the Lord testing our faith, patience, and resolve. I am determined to make the best of this setback.

Anyway, Elder Duncan (President of the Central American Missions) will be visiting Puerto Cabezas this upcoming May. I don't know what for, but I'm pumped to meet him. I've been asked by the AP's in Managua to prepare two hymns to be sung for his visit. One will be in Español, and the other in Miskito. So, some craziness there.

Also my shirts have begun to fall apart. I'll see if I can get them repaired this week, but if not, I may need you guys to send me a couple new white shirts.

I sent you guys a recording of Primer Nefi, capítulo uno (First Nephi, chapter one). I have a Spanish copy of the Book of Mormon sitting on my shelf in my room, if you guys haven't packed up my stuff yet. You can use that to follow along if you like. I've also sent two recordings to Alex.

I'm sending my weekly (not scripture) recordings in this email. Hope you like them.

I love you all. I love you Mom, Dad, Alex, and Bree.



1)  How’s the toe? All well? No more problemos?
*My toe is completely healed. This is truly a relief.

2) What is your plan for contacting us on Mother’s Day (May 10th)? It looks like we are the same time zone as you are right now. We have church that morning (obviously) until noon, but will be home after that. Do you have your Skype login information? I’ll send it again anyway.
*We are allowed to contact our families from Friday May 8th to Monday May 11th, excluding Sunday. So, I can't call you guys directly on Mother's Day. We will try to call you guys at 3:00 PM on Saturday, May 9th. That's the running plan.

3) What is something you are working on right now? Music? Language? Patience? Punctuality?
*All 4, actually. The mission AP's just called me today and asked me to prepare two hymns for Elder Duncan's (President of all the Central-American Missions) visit to Puerto Cabezas. That was kinda weird. I am still practicing Spanish and trying to get into Miskito. Patience and Punctuality are developed every day.

4)  Does your church building have an organ or a piano?
*They have an electric piano. Why?

5) Do you have the “True to the Faith” manual?
*Yes, in Spanish.

6) Is the church pretty good about giving newly baptized members a calling?
*Depends on their willingness to work. Some members are really just bumps on a log.

7)  What language do the church members primarily use?
*Honestly it's like 50% of the people speak Spanish, and 50% speak Miskito. So it's really a mix.
[Mom note: Zach sent us audio files from different parts of his week. It was so much fun to hear his voice! They are only a couple minutes long at most. Just click on the picture below to link to the audio file.]

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