Monday, April 20, 2015

Crazy Jumpstart Week!

Hey all!

Well, this week was definitely an answer to many, many prayers. For starters, after going into the week with only 3 investigators, we've filled our bases and now have 12 fresh investigators ready to hear the Restored Gospel.

We also baptized two kids, J_____ and B__________, on Friday. They're cousins of D_____ and S______ (recent converts), and with their baptisms we've almost completely converted the entire household.

In other news, we're among the "top 15" best companionships in the mission at the moment, according to a new ranking system developed by President Collado.

I actually don't have much to say on this email, but I am attaching a recording that I made Sunday night. Let me know what you guys think of it.

I love you all. I love you Mom, Dad, Alex, and Bree.
Hey guys! It's April 19, 2015 and the time is 9:19 at night and I've finally, FINALLY decided to try out this recording thingy. I'm sorry I haven't sent out a recording before this, but it's been an interesting week actually. We had little to no investigators coming into the week and we are just now filling up our bases and have a full roster. We also baptized and confirmed a couple people today. So all in all it's been a successful week.

The mission so far has been going good. Right now I'm working in Loma Verde 2, that part of Rama, the branch. I've been here for a transfer and a week, so about 7 weeks in total.

Things with Choque are going great. We are developing a relationship as a companionship. And even though we don't really have the same interests, we do respect each other. He's an amazing teacher. I guess we're just developing a friendship together in the face of this crazy mission.

Well, I am going to propose something to you guys. I hit up on this idea when I was reading your letters. Remember back when Dad was deployed to Korea, he would send me recordings of Harry Potter books--specifically Book 5, The Order of the Phoenix. I feel like it might be cool to try the same thing with maybe the Book of Mormon or other scripture readings. So, let me know what you think of that proposal.

So, this is my first "official" recording since you sent me this recorder. I'm sorry it took me so long. Okay. See you guys.

1) We sent your first shoe package this week! ONE SHOE. With lots and lots of treats. It’s a larger size than your previous ones. And a different style. We will send out the second shoe next week.
*Thanks a bunch! I look forward to receiving them.

2) What are you doing for language study? How long do you spend on it? Are you and your companion pretty equivalent in your language level? Do you use any Miskito?
*We spend an hour a day studying mostly Spanish, with a gradual transition into Miskito. We've been trying to implement more Miskito in our lessons, though it's slow going. Hopefully I can develop my Miskito as much as I've developed my Spanish thus far. Having 6 weeks more in the mission than Elder Choque, I feel that my Spanish is slightly more developed than his, but we've both still got a lot to learn.

3) How’s the tracting going in this area? Any spiritual stories to share?
*Tracting is going great here! Much better than Caminante 1 was. I'll share more in the big email.

4) Tell us more about your companion! Any brothers/sisters? Has he lived in the US all his life?
*Elder Choque is from West Jordan, Utah. He is 19 years old, has 1 older brother, 1 older sister, and 1 younger sister. His father is native Bolivian (like Native American Bolivian), but he immigrated to the US as a young man. He later met LDS missionaries there. So, Choque is half Bolivian, but he didn't speak a lick of Spanish until he got to the mission field. He's lived in West Jordan all his life. He was actually a less-active for quite some time, but turned his life around recently in order to be able to serve a full-time mission. How cool is that??

5) With the hope that this doesn’t send you down a dark place, what do you miss most about home? Anything we can send?
*I miss you guys personally (obviously) and American food. I'm getting pretty darn sick of beans and rice down here. I also miss dating (this April's GC theme - families- didn't help) and driving cars. I miss a lot. But, I won't go too far into that. As for things to send, can you guys please send me two or three new pairs of black socks, one pair of medium dri-lux garment bottoms, and Duct tape? Also Hershey's chocolate.

6) Why haven’t you sent any pictures except for your toe for the past month? Is your camera broken? Or lost? Or stolen? If none of those—PLEASE SEND PICTURES!!! If it’s one of those, then we will figure out something for you to get another camera.
*I'm so sorry for the recent lack of pictures! I've been slacking on taking photos recently. I promise I'll send more photos next week.


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