Monday, May 11, 2015

A Very Emotional Weekend

Hey All!
Well, this week kinda went by in a blur. Baptized a few people, got to talk to the family, lots of fun there.

I actually don't have much more to say than I said to you guys on Saturday.

But here's my recording, and I'll be sending two more Spanish chapters.

I love you all! I love you Mom, Dad, Alex, and Bree.


1. Have any of your companion’s laughs annoyed you or entertained you? Or have any weird habits that annoy or entertain? * None of my companion's laughs have been weird, but I've heard plenty of weird laughs from other missionaries in the zones in which I've served. As for annoying habits, Elder Alfaro only showered every other day or so, which got pretty nasty, and Elder Lawrence would get down on his knees at an unexpected point in time (such as right in the middle of a conversation) and pray for over half an hour. That got annoying sometimes. That's about it in the way of weird habits.

2. What are your companions planning to do after the mission? Have you even talked about that? * We talk about it all the time. Elder Anderson's working on his family's farm in Idaho (he's already back); Elder Alfaro is going to marry his girlfriend and go to college; Elder Maughan is gonna help out on his uncle's farm until the fall semester of college (he gets home the same time as me); Elder Lawrence will be job-hunting while preparing for college (he gets home in March of 2016); and Elder Choque is considering proposing to his girlfriend when he gets home (July 2016).

3. What is your favorite banana? Or apple? Or mango? Send a pic. * They hardly sell any apples here, and I haven't had one since the CCM. I don't like the bananas much either. Too tough and potato-ish. The unripe mangoes here taste like granny smith apples with a slightly tougher texture, so those are sometimes fun to snack on.

4. How and when do Nica’s celebrate Mother’s Day? BTW, your Lola sends you her love. * Sadly, they don't celebrate Mother's Day down here. It's a real shame.

5. Also, Lola and Lolo sent you a package before Easter. Did you get it yet? If yes, please send them a shout out. * Ok!!

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