Thursday, May 28, 2015


Hey all!
Well this last week really threw me for a loop. On Tuesday, we had the big "Con-frence" with President Duncan, who flew in from Managua, talked with us for a bit, and then left again after some 6 hours of teaching. Rather short, but still very spiritual. Not one word was mentioned pertaining to mission splits, so I don't think that'll be happening.

From last Monday to tomorrow, the US Navy's USNS Comfort medical ship is docking at Puerto Cabezas. It's giving free medical care to the Nicaraguans, and we as missionaries had the awesome opportunity to help these guys out as translators. It was super fun! I'll try to send pics of this computer will let me.
At one point, they brought some instruments out and this little jazz band starts jamming out. It was crazy.

THEN, on Saturday night I found out that I was moving areas. Choque is staying in Loma Verde 2 with Elder Sherle as his new comp, while I have been called to serve as District Leader in Miskito 2. My new comp is Elder Maradiaga from Honduras.

This means that I will not only serve as a DL, but that I will also be required to learn & teach in Miskito. I also have the entire zone of Puerto as my area.

Lots to take in.

Lots to do.

I'm not sure how to take this all in yet, but I know that the Lord knows that I am ready for this calling.

Lawrence was called back to the Pacific today, now Serving in the city of León.

Not much else. I love you all. I love you Mom, Dad, Alex, and Bree.



1)  How did the conference go? How were your songs? Can we hear them?
* The conference went fine. Elder Duncan and Presidente Collado only stayed for some 3 hours or so and then went back to the Pacific, but it was quite spiritual. There was absoutely no talk of splitting the mission. The songs went over GREAT! I didn't get a recording though. I'm really sorry.

2)    How’re your food packages working for you? Are you rationing your goodies? SHARE!!!
* I am trying my best to ration out stuff. I've shared a ton and I still got extra.

3) How do Nica’s do funerals?
* Nicas usually have some sort of vigil, where they gather together and talk about the deceased's life. This usually takes place in a church building. Sometimes the people (especially the Catholics) hire a 4-man band to play sad songs as the body is slowly driven down the street in a hearse. In essence, a funeral procession.

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