Monday, June 22, 2015

Birthday Blues (and browns and greens)

Hey all!

Well, this past week, especially the last couple of days, have been a mixed bag of emotions.
On Sunday we had a record high for church attendance in my branch, so that was good.

We also baptized 5 people in my District. Also good.

Our baptismal dates (Maradiaga and I) fell through, which kinda sucked. Gotta start all over.

This morning I woke up with vomiting and diarrhea! Not fun at all. Everything I took to help the symptoms just shot straight through me and out the other end.

I've lost some weight.

I was able to keep some water and Gatorade down, but that's all I've had today. Hopefully my birthday will be better than this. I hope I can keep real food down tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we got the AP's and Presidente Collado coming to town tomorrow for a Zone Meeting. Not sure if I'll be able to celebrate turning 19 tomorrow, but oh well! I guess I'll find a way.

Thanks a ton for all the family photos! That's really awesome of you guys.

And Dad, Happy Father's Day! And Happy Birthday now, 'cause I'll be a day late the next time I get to say it to you.

I love you all!


1. We are starting to plan our trip down there to pick you up, (I KNOW- it’s EARLY!) but we gotta ask you one thing first: Do you WANT us to come pick you up? If no, just tell us a reason. (Totally fine, just want to get your feedback.) If yes, what would you like to see? Are there specific special families that you want to visit and for us to meet? Places you’d like to visit?

*I would love it if you guys came down to pick me up, The thing is, I don't know where I'm gonna be assigned to in a year (likelihood of leaving Puerto in 4 months or so), so we'll need to plan your visit out based on where I've served. As it stands, I've only served in two zones (Managua & Puerto). I've got families & converts in both zones I'd like to visit. Keep in mind that these two zones are on opposite coasts of the same country.

So, yes, I would love it if you guys came down to visit.

2. We got something for you on our trip and will be sending it next week. We also got some extra garments for you. Let us know if you need anything!
*Thanks! Could you guys send a roll of duct tape and some AAA batteries in any upcoming packages?

Love you!

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