Monday, June 29, 2015

Ending June

Hey All!
Well, I'm feeling much better this week, thankfully. Some type of bug (other than the regular Chikungunya) seems to be going around Puerto. Those who aren't sick with one are sick with the other. Maughan, Crane, Pilling, Maradiaga, Choque, and a few others were sick or are currently sick right now.

Just another lovely day in paradise, I suppose.

In other news, we're nearing the end of this current transfer. This is Week 6, so next week kicks off the next transfer. I hear we're getting some big changes here in Puerto. Somebody (and their comp) is getting assigned to the community of Waspam, and we got a few of the "oldies" leaving Puerto either for home or for the Pacific. Right now, I'm the third-oldest of the 26 missionaries in Puerto. By this I mean I have the third-most time in this zone.

My birthday was okay. Presidente sent me a happy birthday message and stopped by during his visit to drop off a cake. So it went alright!

Still waiting for my package though. As it stands I have 2 1/2 pairs of shoes in my house.

I feel a year older; maybe more. Probably the stress catching up to me. Funny; this is the "normal" pace of life from now on. Once I finish the mission, I'll have other jobs to do & keep me busy.

Elder Maradiaga was joking around with me earlier, "Congratulations! Now you only have to do everything you just did all over again!"

Funny way to look at it. It'll be easier now that I speak the language.

Not much else going on here. Miss you guys a lot.
I love you all.


1.       How was your birthday/hump day week? Did you get to celebrate at all?
*My birthday was fine; i didn't get to celebrate one bit because Presidente Collado and the AP's came down for a zone visit and we spent the whole week working with them (off & on). No room to celebrate.

2.       How are you feeling? Is your tummy better? What medicine did you take to treat it? Do you have worms?
* I feel fine now. Much better. I just took the stuff Dad gave me & rested for a bit.

3.       How was your meeting with Pres Collado? What did you learn? Did you tell him about your tummy?
*It was alright. Mostly just talked about goals and what my plans are for my district. We also had a few other short meetings about "trimestral goals" and whatnot. Nothing. Exciting. Whatsoever.

4.       Did you get your birthday package yet?
* Nope! Still waiting.


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