Thursday, June 11, 2015

Only a year left!

Hey all!
Well, first off I gotta apologize to Mom and the family for not emailing yesterday. Internet all over Puerto was COMPLETELY down yesterday, so nobody could communicate via email or anything. Sorry to worry you guys there.

Everything's going great here. More stressful than normal, but then again, I guess this IS the new normal. Lots of checking up on the other areas. I've got five companionships in my district. Elders Crane, Maughan, and Shawcroft (from my CCM district) are in my new district, so it's nice to see them often.

As DL, I get to interview the other missionaries' possibilites to see if they're ready for baptism. That's usually really fun to do beacuse I get to see the developing testimonies that each investigator has. All, of course, are in various stages of growth. Just like a seed.

I have to go to a Leader's Council once a week, every Tuesday morning to discuss the status of my district and the zone. THAT'S not so fun.

Oh! By the way, my group (from the CCM & everyone who started the mission at the same time as me here) is scheduled to return home on June 9, 2016! That means I have less than a year left until I get to see you guys!

I'm still not really celebrating until June 23 & 25th. Then I'll actually have served a year here.
So, big stuff coming up!

I'd envy you guys in Hawaii but I'm enjoying the EXACT SAME WEATHER HERE so I'm no too bummed. I wish I could wear shorts, though. And go swimming. That would be just dandy.
Not in this water, but yeah.

Miss you guys. Hope you have a blast.
I love you all.

1) How was this week for you?  Getting into a regular routine? What is a typical day like for you?
* This past week was hectic, especially towards the end of the week. I had to do some baptismal interviews for some of the members of my district, then try to place a baptismal date with one of our investigators. It didn't go well. The investigator, whose uncle and his family are recent converts, also wanted to jon the Church. But her father is very, VERY Catholic, and as soon as we entered the house he began yelling at us for "spreading false doctrine and lies." Seeing as his daughter is only 15, we needed his permission to baptize her. Needless to say, we didn't get it. Oh well. Not much else we can do there. For now we need to keep searching for new investigators.

2) Are you and your new companion getting along well? What is his family like? Any brothers and sisters?
* We are getting along great! We share a lot of the same interests, kinda like Lawrence though we don't have quite as much in common. He's the younger of two brothers. His older brother served a mission in Guatemala and has since returned. So it's just him out here.

3) Were you able to ask someone in the mission home to bring you your second bag to resupply? Will they be able to do it or not? Let me know so I can try to make arrangements if they can’t help you.
* I probably won't need anything from my second bag at the moment, but if I do, I can ask the ZL's (who travel to Managua once a month) to get something for me.


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