Sunday, June 21, 2015

What to do when the church has no water

Me and Elder M.
Well I gotta say, this week was a lot funner than last week.

The first half was normal, but towards the end of the week one of my recent converts (from back with Choque), A___, introduces us to her younger sister J_____. Both expressed the fervent desire that J_____ be baptized, as she had seen the changes brought about in A___'s life by her new commitment to serve Christ.

When we first discussed the baptism, we initially tried to put a date for the 20th of June, but J_____ refused.

She said it was too long to wait.

Then she requested that we baptize her that Saturday (the 13th) instead. We agreed, but it didn't end there. A couple days later one of our Zone Leaders, Elder Compton, calls us to inform us that all water has been shut down in the LDS chapel (the ONLY chapel that has a baptismal font in all of Puerto).

We weren't sure for how long, but we weren't about to let something as simple as that stop us from baptizing J_____.

So, we just took everybody down to the beach and baptized her there. It was a really beautiful moment and a really, really, awesome baptism.
J____'s baptism at the beach!

One of the best days of my whole mission.

I've been wanting to baptize somebody in the ocean my whole mission. Got to do it this past Saturday.

Not much else, just countin' down 'till I turn 19. Everybody thinks I'm super young here still.

I love you all.


Only a kitten.

Pocket kitten.


1.  Are other guys from your group wrapping their minds around the idea that they have less than a year to go?
*They're pretty hyped up too. We won't be celebrating or anything 'till June 25, but it's kinda a relief. Like Friday Mornings- not quite the weekend, but you're still chill the whole day.

2. What is it like to be busy with other companionships and less with proselytizing? Are they good elders?
*We still proselytize (proselyte?) a lot, but it's cool to go around and see (and meet & help teach) other missionaries' investigators. It's refreshing in a way; it gives Elder Maradiaga and I the chance to see the teaching styles of other missionaries. This in turn helps me either apply these different teaching methods or help the other Elders with their own investigators. All of the missionaries in my district are very good teachers.

3. Pictures? Por favor?
* Sending now. Sorry for the wait; power has been going on and off unexpectedly.

Entryway to new apartment!

Front door and foyer.

Roomy living space-- a little empty of furniture-- but who needs chairs?!

Kitchen area. We keep it super clean and tidy!

Like the curtains over our wooden slats? A nice touch of home.

The ever-needed mosquito nets.

Dressing room / Closet

Bathroom. Running water most mornings. Bucket for when it's not running.

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