Thursday, July 9, 2015

Big Changes!! Not Really!!

Hey all!
So changes happened today. Only people leaving are Hermana Alan, Hermana Cruz, and Elder Choque.
The Hermanas are ending their missions, but Choque got the short end of the stick and is getting taken out of Puerto to go to Chinandega. I'm bummed about that. I really loved having him here. He only had 3 transfers here (4.5 months).

We got three newbies coming to town, but nobody's quite as enthusiastic as they used to be.

Puerto as a zone has been doing worse performance-wise in these past few months. Presidente is getting worried. Personally, I feel like what we once were, all 26 of us on this island of a zone, no longer exists. We used to be so tight-knit, we called ourselves a family.

Now we have two ZL's whose unfortunate pride replaces their love for the missionaries.
We are no longer a close group, but a handful of 26 missionaries who happen to know each other's names. The Puerto Zone that once was is slowly dying.

I am trying my darndest to ignore the politics of the leaders (there's really no other way to describe it- "politickin'") and help my district out, but it's starting to get pretty rough here.

Don't worry about it. I'm sure this is part of the Lord's ways in making me learn patience and humility.

I guess it's just a rough patch in the mish right now. Oh well. I've gotten through them before; don't worry now.

I'm glad things are going well back home. I miss you all.

Shoutout to Alex, Yes I am getting you emails AND recordings. Thanks for both! I really like them.



1) What would you say are your biggest struggles right now?
*My biggest struggles at this point are twofold. One, I am trying to find the same kind of resolve and enthusiasm that I once possessed at the start of my mission. Two, I am doing my best to look past the "politics" of the mission and do my job here in the Lord's service. I hate missionary politics.

2) What are your biggest joys?
*My biggest joys are finding investigators who are genuinely interested in the Restored Gospel and all the blessings it has to offer. I also take great joy in reading your guys' emails, and I am super pumped at having completed a year in the mission.

3) What are some unusual superstitions that Nica’s have?
*I will talk more about superstitions in a recording. There's actually a ton of interesting stuff.

4) Any more drunk people issues? Those are some powerful stories.
*Every. Single. Day. There's no real "weekend" attitude here, so we see tons of drunk bums on the streets everyday. The pervading culture is to go to work when you don't have any money, but to spend it all on alcohol and stuff (and not go to work) when you do have money.

5) How’s the water situation? Do you ever buy a drink in a plastic bag? Can you send us a picture?
*Water is fine. I will send pics next week.

Love you!

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