Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Happy 13 Months!

Hey guys!
Sorry for the delay.

As a heads-up to future weeks, there's a high possibility that the internet here will be down weekly every Monday. It really sucks.

There's only two internet companies in all of Nicaragua: Claro and Movistar. Of the two, Claro is much faster, but it's also the ONLY internet company that Puerto has for now, so when it shuts down, ALL internet shuts down. I don't want to worry you guys with any lack of emails, so here's the heads-up.

I'm sending a recording in this email; it's a bit shorter than I would've liked but I hope you guys like it.

I love you all.

[Mom Note: Zach is now getting comfortable with sending audio files. To access, click one of the links below. It will open a new page in your browser. At the upper-left of that new page, click DOWNLOAD. You should be able to open the downloaded file in your Audio Player or Media Player (whatever that is called on your computer) and listen to his quirky adventures. ENJOY!]

Quick summary of this week:
  • Tapeworm issue
  • Puerto zone improvements 
  • Upcoming visit from an Apostle 
  • Hope to resupply 
Nica Elders in Puerto and their pseudo facial hair issues.

Baggie of water

You cut open one corner...
...and drink (and maybe a little drips off your chin--it's okay.)

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