Thursday, July 16, 2015

Random Title!

Hey all!
Things are definitely starting to look up around here. I've included my first few recordings in a long time, hope you enjoy them!

[NOTE: Two audio files linked below. Let me know if you have trouble with the links. -Mom]


1)Was this week better? Or still more “politickin’?”
* A mix of both. Still turned out okay, though. Lots better.

2) How are you and your companion getting along? What are his quirks? How are you similar/different?
*We are getting along fine. We don't actually have a lot in common. Maradiaga is the younger of two sons and lives in Copan, Honduras. He's a big flirt, even if he doesn't try too hard. It might help us get some more investigators. Still not sure on that yet. I'll send a recording for more on my CompaƱero.

3) Did you fully recover from your “birthday surprise” illness? Any lingering effects?
*Yes, I've fully recovered.

4) Any more ocean baptisms?
*No, unfortunately. The general rule here is that you have to baptize in the font, unless it's an emergency.

5) Have you gotten our birthday package YET?! I hope that helps pick up your mood!
*Nope! Our ZL's actually don't like bringing back/asking for packages. I've had to resort to asking the mission secretaries for help. They informed me that packages were sent out today by bus to Puerto. So, still waiting.


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