Tuesday, August 25, 2015

14 Months LESSGO-O-O

Hey all!
Not much to report this week. We baptized an old investigator that Lawrence and I used to teach, so it was nice to see her conversion come full circle.
Her name is J___, and when Lawrence and I began teaching here some 10 moths ago she was super positive, but fear of her super-Catholic anti-Mormon mom kept her from making the commitment to be baptized.
She turned 19 recently, and decided she was old enough to make her own life decisions. Not only that, she invited some five other friends of about the same age to church with her this past Sunday. That's five new investigators for Maradiaga and I to work with.
I don't have much time to talk today. Internet sucks here as usual and is winking in and out. Will shoot something small your way tomorrow.
Love you all. Will send a new recording soon.

[Mom Note: Zach is now getting comfortable with sending audio files. To access, click the link above. It will open a new page in your browser. At the upper-left of that new page, click DOWNLOAD. You should be able to open the downloaded file in your Audio Player or Media Player (whatever that is called on your computer) and listen to his quirky adventures. ENJOY!]

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