Monday, August 3, 2015

A Year in Nicaragua

Hey guys!
Well, in two days it'll be exactly a year since I left the CCM and came to Nicaragua.
I feel a lot...older(?) I guess.

Anyway, here's my recordings.

Love you all.

Sick with a cold
Changes with laundry lady
Upcoming family baptisms
Not likely going to Managua for conference due to costs
Visits from former missionaries from North Florida


1)  How’s the tummy issue? Did you take “La Bomba?” Did it work? I have gotten some advice from Mariano about getting rid of stomach bugs. I’ll have to send it to you.
* I DID take the pills. More information on that in my second recording for this week. I think it worked.

2)  I LOVED the mustache photo! What were you guys doing? A zone conference? I’m glad you made it fun.
*Just a regular district meeting. But fake moustaches are VERY useful.
3)  How are the new shoes treating you? And the socks?
*Great! They feel awesome.

4)  Any new changes coming your way? Or news about the upcoming mission visit from a general authority? I really hope your zone can go.
*Will let you know. Transfers are coming up the 17th of August. Info on the Apostle visit in my third recording.
 5) Now that you’ve been there for just over a year, and you have LESS THAN HALF of your mission left (WOW!) have you had a chance to review the goals you set for yourself and set new ones? The church has started promoting a program called “My Plan”. Here’s the link:

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