Monday, September 28, 2015

Dad Won THAT Bet!

Hey all!
Well, I'm not in Kansas anymore!
This morning I hopped on a plane that took me back to Managua, and from there I took a couple buses northward to León.
Had only a few hours to pack; got an hour of sleep in; then finished packing and headed to the airport.

So, that's my new Zone. León.

My new companion is named Elder Ajquejay (Ah-Kay-HAI) and he's from Guatemala. So, my first Guatemalan comp. Doesn't speak a lick of English.

My new area is called La Posada, and it's actually where both Elder Maughan and Elder Choque started their missions. Some history there.

Also, Elder Lawrence is in my new Zone, so I get to see him now and then. Also got to talk with Elder Spence (also in my zone) for the first time in a year; he's returned to the mission field since going home for a bit. What an awesome kid.
Also found out that Elder Reese (from my CCM group) is in the zone as well. We'll all get the chance to get together this Thursday for the Zone Meeting.

A lot to take in. I'm a bit mentally and emotionally drained right now.
I was the only one to leave Puerto this change; I guess it's kinda fitting since I arrived there alone as well.

I dunno what to think of my new comp. He's pretty "By-the-book" as missionaries go; i.e. unwilling to improvise or be spontaneous. I'll see how things go with him.

I love you all! Here's a pic of my new ZL's Elder Ward & Elder De Leon, with Lawrence and I.

(L-R: Zach, Elder Lawrence, Elder De Leon (in back) and Elder Ward.)

1)  What do the Nicas think of the blood moon?
*They think absolutely nothing of the blood moon. It's kinda going over their heads; no pun intended.

2) What have you done with the items from your previous package?
*I've used everything you sent me. Everything was quite needed and put to good use.

3) Where did you get a purple shirt?
*It was left by another Elder before me. I used it for P-Day and some pretty funny pics.

4) Can you get mosquito nets there in Nica? Or do you need us to send one?
*I already have one.

5) How was church today? Do you ever help with youth activities?
*There aren't any youth activities here to speak of. Church was awkward since I gave my farewell testimony, but I managed to do it all in Miskito.

6) What are your plans for General Conference? I sent you BINGO cards- in Spanish!
*I'll be watching it in León. Thanks for the cards!

7) Send pictures!!

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