Monday, October 26, 2015

I Feel Old!

Hey all!
Well, this past week was pretty busy. On Wednesday, the whole zone headed over to Presidente Collado's house in Managua for interviews. That was a tedious trip, especially since the driver of the bus sucked at driving. So I was carsick the whole way up & back. But it turned out alright.
Sadly, due to some really stupid disobedience, a bunch of missionaries are going home early (like 12-ish missionaries). Some of 'em I knew from back in Managua. It's really sad to see missionaries with so much time and experience in the misión fall under temptations.

On Saturday, BOTH missions (Nicaragua Managua North and South) got together to be addressed by Elder Snow of the Seventy & Brother Turley (sp?), Church Historian.
They were some pretty powerful messages, all about the struggles of the misión and how we can draw on examples of Book of Mormon missionaries to gain enthusiasm and inspiration.
I also got to say Hi to Elders Choque, Baldwin, Backus, Alfaro, and everybody else from my CCM group. I haven't seen these guys in a year, so it's nice to know they're still going strong. Some of 'em are about to finish up their missions.

That's about it for this week. Other than the two trips, nothing particularly exciting happened.

Tell Bree I'm really sorry she sprained her ankle and will be praying for her. Did Dad give her a blessing already?

Tell Alex I'm really prod of her for going to the dance. But not just that, for being a light for the rest of the students by keeping her modesty and her standards. Great job Aly-o.

Mom, there's this talk I just read in a recent Liahona about leadership in the Relief Society that I will give a recording about to you next week. I love you so much.

No recording this week. Sorry guys. Will send one next week.


Monday, October 19, 2015

16 Months!!!

Hey all!
In 6 days I complete 16 months in the mish. Wow. Gettin' up there.

Anyway, here's my recording. Hope you like it!


PS: I'll be sending separate recordings to Alex & Bree in the coming weeks.

Here's a pic of me and my comp, Ajquejay.


1) What did you decide about the machete issue? I think it’s fine to get a sheath, but to wear it while proselyting is questionable.
*My original plan (the one that's still in effect) is to only carry the machete around at night, and even then only in the more shady neighborhoods (there's safer neighborhoods and more dangerous ones).

2) Can you tell us about the people you meet? Are most of them Catholic (since there are cathedrals there, that's what I'm assuming.) Are any of them Moravian?
*There are MANY more Catholics here than in Puerto; but no Moravians to be found whatsoever. Like, polar opposite of Puerto. People here are generally more polite, but less open to missionaries. So, it's a trade-off. Being here is the closest I've been to a developed society in a year I think the term is 2nd-world country(?).

3) Please tell me there aren't as many drunks there. Really. And dogs.
*The drunks are still there, they just only come out on weekends. Dogs are a little less crazy here, but they like attacking people on bikes and motorcycles.

4) Did you get your bag when you met with Presidente? I sure hope so! It’s about time!
*Not yet. We're going to Managua twice this week- once for interviews and once for the meeting with Elder Snow of the Seventy. I am HOPING (hoping) to get my suitcases then, but no promises.

5) How’s the situation with your companion?
*He's pretty reserved. Reminds me of Elder Shawcroft back in the CCM. It gets kinda rough sometimes, 'cause he never really wants to talk. I hope he opens up a bit.

Bus ride (This time he's actually INSIDE the bus!)

Pacific ocean

Building the outdoor chapel. (Notice the machete.)





Pacific Ocean


Monday, October 12, 2015

The Leon King! (not really)

Hey all!
This week was pretty fun. Exploring a bit, learning my area, getting to know the members, etc.
I introduced myself to the ward (by the way this is my first time serving in a ward in the mission; I've only served in branches up to this point), and was really grateful that Spanish comes easily now.

Anyway, here's my recording. It's a bit smaller so I could fit it into the email this time.

Love you all!

P.S. Were you able to open last week's big recording?

  • First Burger in a Year
  • Catholic Cathedral
  • Machete Sheath
  • Negotiations
  • Travel to Poneloya on the Coast
  • Preparing ground for an Outdoor Chapel
  • Investigators and Goals

1) How’s life in Leon? Is it primarily urban? Or are the streets like unpaved jungle? How hot is it?
*Life is crazy here! Everything's a lot more urban and developed, but we got a few neighborhoods in our area that remind me of Puerto. Most of the streets are paved (big change!), with a few dirt roads. It's hot here, but not as bad as Puerto. Less humid.

2) Is there a lake nearby? Or a volcano? (We haven't had time to look it up yet!)
*We're right in between a few dead volcanoes, two active ones, Lake Nicaragua, and the Pacific Ocean. It's actually really pretty and I'm glad to have mountains in my zone for the first time in my mission.

3) What are the people like? Have you been able to teach any lessons?
*The people are a bit more closed-off, but have at least a bit more doctrinal knowledge about the scriptures. We've been quite fortunate to find people who are willing to hear the Restored Gospel. We've got a sizeable teaching pool at the moment.

4) Do you need us to send any more meds or toiletries?
*Polident and Zofran would be great. Just those for now.

5) Did you finally get your 2nd bag yet?
*NO. I'm getting pretty pissed, but we'll have the opportunity to travel to Managua next week for interviews with Presidente. So, I'll see if I can snag my bags there.

Love you!

Monday, October 5, 2015

New Zone! New Stuff! New Adventure!

Hey All!
The recording I sent was too big for email, so I uploaded it straight to Dropbox. Sorry.
Mom, can you see about sending it to the rest of the fam?

Love you all!

  • Transferred to the Pacific
  • Zone w/ Lawrence and Spence
  • La Posada- Leon
  • Touristy
  • Food- BK and pizza
  • General Conference in English
  • Favorite Talks
  • Companion Robbed
  • Common Interests with Companion