Monday, October 19, 2015

16 Months!!!

Hey all!
In 6 days I complete 16 months in the mish. Wow. Gettin' up there.

Anyway, here's my recording. Hope you like it!


PS: I'll be sending separate recordings to Alex & Bree in the coming weeks.

Here's a pic of me and my comp, Ajquejay.


1) What did you decide about the machete issue? I think it’s fine to get a sheath, but to wear it while proselyting is questionable.
*My original plan (the one that's still in effect) is to only carry the machete around at night, and even then only in the more shady neighborhoods (there's safer neighborhoods and more dangerous ones).

2) Can you tell us about the people you meet? Are most of them Catholic (since there are cathedrals there, that's what I'm assuming.) Are any of them Moravian?
*There are MANY more Catholics here than in Puerto; but no Moravians to be found whatsoever. Like, polar opposite of Puerto. People here are generally more polite, but less open to missionaries. So, it's a trade-off. Being here is the closest I've been to a developed society in a year I think the term is 2nd-world country(?).

3) Please tell me there aren't as many drunks there. Really. And dogs.
*The drunks are still there, they just only come out on weekends. Dogs are a little less crazy here, but they like attacking people on bikes and motorcycles.

4) Did you get your bag when you met with Presidente? I sure hope so! It’s about time!
*Not yet. We're going to Managua twice this week- once for interviews and once for the meeting with Elder Snow of the Seventy. I am HOPING (hoping) to get my suitcases then, but no promises.

5) How’s the situation with your companion?
*He's pretty reserved. Reminds me of Elder Shawcroft back in the CCM. It gets kinda rough sometimes, 'cause he never really wants to talk. I hope he opens up a bit.

Bus ride (This time he's actually INSIDE the bus!)

Pacific ocean

Building the outdoor chapel. (Notice the machete.)





Pacific Ocean


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