Monday, October 26, 2015

I Feel Old!

Hey all!
Well, this past week was pretty busy. On Wednesday, the whole zone headed over to Presidente Collado's house in Managua for interviews. That was a tedious trip, especially since the driver of the bus sucked at driving. So I was carsick the whole way up & back. But it turned out alright.
Sadly, due to some really stupid disobedience, a bunch of missionaries are going home early (like 12-ish missionaries). Some of 'em I knew from back in Managua. It's really sad to see missionaries with so much time and experience in the misión fall under temptations.

On Saturday, BOTH missions (Nicaragua Managua North and South) got together to be addressed by Elder Snow of the Seventy & Brother Turley (sp?), Church Historian.
They were some pretty powerful messages, all about the struggles of the misión and how we can draw on examples of Book of Mormon missionaries to gain enthusiasm and inspiration.
I also got to say Hi to Elders Choque, Baldwin, Backus, Alfaro, and everybody else from my CCM group. I haven't seen these guys in a year, so it's nice to know they're still going strong. Some of 'em are about to finish up their missions.

That's about it for this week. Other than the two trips, nothing particularly exciting happened.

Tell Bree I'm really sorry she sprained her ankle and will be praying for her. Did Dad give her a blessing already?

Tell Alex I'm really prod of her for going to the dance. But not just that, for being a light for the rest of the students by keeping her modesty and her standards. Great job Aly-o.

Mom, there's this talk I just read in a recent Liahona about leadership in the Relief Society that I will give a recording about to you next week. I love you so much.

No recording this week. Sorry guys. Will send one next week.


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