Monday, October 12, 2015

The Leon King! (not really)

Hey all!
This week was pretty fun. Exploring a bit, learning my area, getting to know the members, etc.
I introduced myself to the ward (by the way this is my first time serving in a ward in the mission; I've only served in branches up to this point), and was really grateful that Spanish comes easily now.

Anyway, here's my recording. It's a bit smaller so I could fit it into the email this time.

Love you all!

P.S. Were you able to open last week's big recording?

  • First Burger in a Year
  • Catholic Cathedral
  • Machete Sheath
  • Negotiations
  • Travel to Poneloya on the Coast
  • Preparing ground for an Outdoor Chapel
  • Investigators and Goals

1) How’s life in Leon? Is it primarily urban? Or are the streets like unpaved jungle? How hot is it?
*Life is crazy here! Everything's a lot more urban and developed, but we got a few neighborhoods in our area that remind me of Puerto. Most of the streets are paved (big change!), with a few dirt roads. It's hot here, but not as bad as Puerto. Less humid.

2) Is there a lake nearby? Or a volcano? (We haven't had time to look it up yet!)
*We're right in between a few dead volcanoes, two active ones, Lake Nicaragua, and the Pacific Ocean. It's actually really pretty and I'm glad to have mountains in my zone for the first time in my mission.

3) What are the people like? Have you been able to teach any lessons?
*The people are a bit more closed-off, but have at least a bit more doctrinal knowledge about the scriptures. We've been quite fortunate to find people who are willing to hear the Restored Gospel. We've got a sizeable teaching pool at the moment.

4) Do you need us to send any more meds or toiletries?
*Polident and Zofran would be great. Just those for now.

5) Did you finally get your 2nd bag yet?
*NO. I'm getting pretty pissed, but we'll have the opportunity to travel to Managua next week for interviews with Presidente. So, I'll see if I can snag my bags there.

Love you!

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