Monday, November 23, 2015


Hey all!
Here's my recording! Sorry it's been awhile since my last one. Hope all is well!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BREE! 13 years old! I'm amazed at how fast time has gone. Hope you have a great time.

Love you all.

1)How does it feel to have clothes that don’t have holes?
* It feels like I'm a new missionary all over again. Kinda weird to think about,

2) Did you ever get your Halloween package?
* Elder Lawrence traveled to Managua today to get a package of his own. He called me and told me that there were two packages waiting for me in the misiĆ³n office, but that he only had room to take one of them back to Leon. I'm pretty sure he grabbed the Halloween one.

4) Did you ever go back to visit the lady with the issues on family?
* Nah. She was an investigator that we stopped visiting.

5) Did you ever go visit the Catholic cathedral? I’d sure love to see pictures!
* I did! Pictures will be sent.

6) We are trying to figure out where to go on a family trip when you come home. What are your thoughts?
* Not sure on that. Will need to think about it.

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