Monday, November 9, 2015


Hey all!

Here's my recording. Hope you like it!

Love, Zach


 1) Have you eaten any more burgers? Eaten any more wacky stuff besides turtle?
*A few. They're like a little taste of home. Nothing else pretty wacky besides Cow Stomach (three days ago)... gross...
2)  Have you had access to a guitar?

*I have! My lunch appointment had a guitar that was given to them by another missionary some time ago, even though they don't play. I think I'll go ahead and start practicing on it.
3) How’s the clothing situation? Did you get your bag yet??? (Still can’t believe that they haven’t let you since you’ve moved.)
*NO. I'm beginning to think I might never get my bag until the end of my misison. Clothes are doing alright.
4) Why aren’t you sending photos?
*I've been trying to find a Ciber that recognizes the USB-connection of my camera. No luck thus far; a few sucky ones might be possible.
5) Is the temperature much different than Puerto?
*It's actually a bit drier and cooler than Puerto, though most of the other misisonaries here say this is the hottest área they've served in.


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