Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hey guys!
Here's my recording for the week! Sorry for the delay!
And, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm saying this early because the next time I write you guys, it'll be the new year and too late to announce. But whatever.

Love you all!

Friday, December 25, 2015


Having a crap ton of technical difficulties. I am so sorry for the delay; trying to connect to Skype now.


[Mom note: It was AWESOME to talk with Zach for almost 2 hours!!!! Long story short- he couldn't find a ciber with Skype, was over an hour past our planned Skype time, and ended up borrowing a laptop from a church member and connecting with us at the church building. And he got to enjoy the air conditioning! We sure miss him!!]


Monday, December 21, 2015

Almost Christmas-- SO CLOSE!!!

 [Mom note: We did not get a regular email or voice recording this week. BUT... we get to Skype with him on Christmas day!!! We are SO EXCITED!!!]

1)  Tell me if 9 am our time (10 am your time) will work for you? If not, let me know what will work. 
* Let's shoot for 8:30 YOUR time. Still working out where I'll get to skype from.

2) Do you want a recording of Bree’s All-State concert? It’s not until February, but she’s getting prepared.
* Yes Please! That would be awesome!

3)  What are your plans for Christmas (after we talk?) Do you get any time just to relax?
* Dunno. I really don't know. It's REALLY weird to think that a year ago I was still in the mish. A year and a half ago too.

Love you!

A dead snake. Why?!?!

I can only assume holding the DEAD snake. Really?!?!


Not sure if this is being goofy or if they are worried about pollution.

Mission Christmas party choir

And another one of the choir

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sorry for the delay!

Hey all!
Here's my recording! Sorry for the delay; I was in Managua all day yesterday.

Love you all!

1) It looks like you are 1 hour later than us in Nicaragua. So, if we plan to skype at 9 am your time, that will be 8 am our time. (If the cibers are open that early!) Let us know a time!
* How early in the morning do you have to leave?

2) Did you get to go back and help that group who is building a center there? We got that picture they sent us!
* I haven't ben able to go back, but I hear things are going well.

3)  How is your new companion? What are some details about him? Any brothers or sisters? Has he always been a member?
* My new comp is an only child, and has been a member for some 11 years now. He's pretty chill; more relaxed than Ajquejay was. Maybe that's because he also has 18 months in the mish.

4)  Will you have a mission conference at the mission home this time? Where you actually get to go?
* Yes. Actually, next Monday, so I probably won't ge to write you guys till next Tuesday as well.

5) Let’s see pictures of you with your Lego tree! And you and your companion with ties. I think I sent you two.
* Will send pics! I actually gave away the ties to a couple members who I'm friends with as a Christmas present.



Closer volcano


And Santa hat

Last photo

Monday, December 14, 2015

It's almost time for Christmas!

Hey guys!
I had to travel to Managua today, so I'm writing this pretty late. We just got back.
I'll be able to email you guys again tomorrow, so look forward to an email with my recording. Sorry to leave you hanging today!

Love you guys!

Monday, December 7, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....NOT!

Hey all!
Today kicks off the transfer that will bring us into the new year.
It's actually 8 weeks long, so it'll end in the first week of February.
I'm staying here in La Posada, while Ajquejay got sent to EstelĂ­.
Lawrence got sent up North to Chinandega. I feel sorry for him, 'cause it's way hotter up there tan down here. He's only got 4 months left, so it doesn't matter much.

This is actually the first time in my ENTIRE MISSION that I've stayed in an area while my comp got changed.
ALL other times I've been the one who left the area first, while my comp stayed. This is actually a new thing for me.
Anyway, my new comp's name is Elder Davidson from Panama. He's got nearly 18 months in the mish, just like me. We'll be heading out together in June.
Not sure how long I'll be with this guy, but I hope we get along alright. I have yet to get to know him.
Here's my two recordings for the week. I sent a photo to go along with recording number 2.

Love you all!
1) We will coordinate with you closer to Christmas time to get a time to skype.
* Awesome. I'm looking for a Ciber that has webcams.

2) Did your comp get transferred?
* Yep. Got sent to EstelĂ­.

3) How’s Lawrence? It’s funny that you keep crossing paths!
* He's doing alright. I can tell he's beginning to wind down in the mish, just from where he's at.

4) Is there a ‘rainy season’ in the area you are serving in now? Or is it mainly dry?
* The Rainy season ended back in October. Right now it's pretty dry. Rain kinda picks up again in April/May.

5) Can you take pictures of Christmas displays in the city? We’d sure love to see them!
* Sure thing! Most of 'em are Saints/Virgin Mary-based displays (Catholic tradition).

6) Let us know when you get your Christmas package! And don’t open it until Christmas!
* ...got the package...but already opened it...sorry...


Helping the Worldwide Child Relief Fund build a Community Center in Leon.

Email from Denise Young:
Just a picture and a word about your wonderful Missionary.  My husband and I have an organization that is working in Nicaragua.  It is Worldwide Child Relief Foundation and the mission president gave us permission to have missionaries help with translations.  We are building a Community Center for this area among other activities.  Both missionaries were great!!! Friendly, helpful, wonderful young men!!! Thought you might enjoy this picture.  (You can look us up on the internet WWCRF.org. ).    We are hoping they can help again next week!!! 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Happy December

Hey all!
Here's my recording for the week. Hope you enjoy!



1)   Do you still do language study EVERY DAY? (You should.)
* I do. It's really like a constant language study when you have a Spanish-speaking companion, so I'm still learning new things even now.

2)  How many missionaries are in your apartment? Just you and your comp, or more? How're the splits going with other elders?
* Just Ajquejay and I. Apparently there used to be more houses where more than one companionship would live together, but now President has done away with most of 'em. Divisions are a once-a-week thing, with often good results. It's sometimes refreshing to work with other Elders.

3) What packages have you gotten? One from Kim & Shane? Did you get the Halloween one from us? Let us know when you get the Christmas package.
* Just the Halloween package. Nothing else yet.

4)  How do you find people to teach in the city? What do you do to meet people?
* We mostly just start talking to them right there on the street. Often we go contacting houses. We're in a bit of a drought of fresh investigators at the moment, so contacting has been the regular plan.

5)  How's the new outdoor "chapel" in Poneloya going? Is it being used?
* Yeah. The meetings take place there sometimes, and in the branch/nucleus president's house sometimes.