Monday, December 21, 2015

Almost Christmas-- SO CLOSE!!!

 [Mom note: We did not get a regular email or voice recording this week. BUT... we get to Skype with him on Christmas day!!! We are SO EXCITED!!!]

1)  Tell me if 9 am our time (10 am your time) will work for you? If not, let me know what will work. 
* Let's shoot for 8:30 YOUR time. Still working out where I'll get to skype from.

2) Do you want a recording of Bree’s All-State concert? It’s not until February, but she’s getting prepared.
* Yes Please! That would be awesome!

3)  What are your plans for Christmas (after we talk?) Do you get any time just to relax?
* Dunno. I really don't know. It's REALLY weird to think that a year ago I was still in the mish. A year and a half ago too.

Love you!

A dead snake. Why?!?!

I can only assume holding the DEAD snake. Really?!?!


Not sure if this is being goofy or if they are worried about pollution.

Mission Christmas party choir

And another one of the choir

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