Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy December

Hey all!
Here's my recording for the week. Hope you enjoy!



1)   Do you still do language study EVERY DAY? (You should.)
* I do. It's really like a constant language study when you have a Spanish-speaking companion, so I'm still learning new things even now.

2)  How many missionaries are in your apartment? Just you and your comp, or more? How're the splits going with other elders?
* Just Ajquejay and I. Apparently there used to be more houses where more than one companionship would live together, but now President has done away with most of 'em. Divisions are a once-a-week thing, with often good results. It's sometimes refreshing to work with other Elders.

3) What packages have you gotten? One from Kim & Shane? Did you get the Halloween one from us? Let us know when you get the Christmas package.
* Just the Halloween package. Nothing else yet.

4)  How do you find people to teach in the city? What do you do to meet people?
* We mostly just start talking to them right there on the street. Often we go contacting houses. We're in a bit of a drought of fresh investigators at the moment, so contacting has been the regular plan.

5)  How's the new outdoor "chapel" in Poneloya going? Is it being used?
* Yeah. The meetings take place there sometimes, and in the branch/nucleus president's house sometimes.

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