Monday, December 7, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....NOT!

Hey all!
Today kicks off the transfer that will bring us into the new year.
It's actually 8 weeks long, so it'll end in the first week of February.
I'm staying here in La Posada, while Ajquejay got sent to EstelĂ­.
Lawrence got sent up North to Chinandega. I feel sorry for him, 'cause it's way hotter up there tan down here. He's only got 4 months left, so it doesn't matter much.

This is actually the first time in my ENTIRE MISSION that I've stayed in an area while my comp got changed.
ALL other times I've been the one who left the area first, while my comp stayed. This is actually a new thing for me.
Anyway, my new comp's name is Elder Davidson from Panama. He's got nearly 18 months in the mish, just like me. We'll be heading out together in June.
Not sure how long I'll be with this guy, but I hope we get along alright. I have yet to get to know him.
Here's my two recordings for the week. I sent a photo to go along with recording number 2.

Love you all!
1) We will coordinate with you closer to Christmas time to get a time to skype.
* Awesome. I'm looking for a Ciber that has webcams.

2) Did your comp get transferred?
* Yep. Got sent to EstelĂ­.

3) How’s Lawrence? It’s funny that you keep crossing paths!
* He's doing alright. I can tell he's beginning to wind down in the mish, just from where he's at.

4) Is there a ‘rainy season’ in the area you are serving in now? Or is it mainly dry?
* The Rainy season ended back in October. Right now it's pretty dry. Rain kinda picks up again in April/May.

5) Can you take pictures of Christmas displays in the city? We’d sure love to see them!
* Sure thing! Most of 'em are Saints/Virgin Mary-based displays (Catholic tradition).

6) Let us know when you get your Christmas package! And don’t open it until Christmas!
* the package...but already opened it...sorry...


Helping the Worldwide Child Relief Fund build a Community Center in Leon.

Email from Denise Young:
Just a picture and a word about your wonderful Missionary.  My husband and I have an organization that is working in Nicaragua.  It is Worldwide Child Relief Foundation and the mission president gave us permission to have missionaries help with translations.  We are building a Community Center for this area among other activities.  Both missionaries were great!!! Friendly, helpful, wonderful young men!!! Thought you might enjoy this picture.  (You can look us up on the internet ).    We are hoping they can help again next week!!! 

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