Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sorry for the delay!

Hey all!
Here's my recording! Sorry for the delay; I was in Managua all day yesterday.

Love you all!

1) It looks like you are 1 hour later than us in Nicaragua. So, if we plan to skype at 9 am your time, that will be 8 am our time. (If the cibers are open that early!) Let us know a time!
* How early in the morning do you have to leave?

2) Did you get to go back and help that group who is building a center there? We got that picture they sent us!
* I haven't ben able to go back, but I hear things are going well.

3)  How is your new companion? What are some details about him? Any brothers or sisters? Has he always been a member?
* My new comp is an only child, and has been a member for some 11 years now. He's pretty chill; more relaxed than Ajquejay was. Maybe that's because he also has 18 months in the mish.

4)  Will you have a mission conference at the mission home this time? Where you actually get to go?
* Yes. Actually, next Monday, so I probably won't ge to write you guys till next Tuesday as well.

5) Let’s see pictures of you with your Lego tree! And you and your companion with ties. I think I sent you two.
* Will send pics! I actually gave away the ties to a couple members who I'm friends with as a Christmas present.



Closer volcano


And Santa hat

Last photo

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