Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Feeling a lot better

Hey all!
Well, this past week was a rollercoaster of miracles and weird physical infirmities, but thankfully it's all resolved itself now.
We found a TON of new investigators; most of them were references from members in our area. We're back in business. All are at varying stages of positivity, but that's to be expected.
One of my favorites is a guy named C_____. He's never considered himself to be particularly religious, but his older brother was a bible studies teacher some years back. So, not really isolated form religion either (his older brother's a nice guy).
We contacted him while trying to locate a separate reference, and ended up sharing a great deal of our message with him. We didin't think much of it at the time but when we passed by the following day, he'd thoroughly studied the entire pamphlet we gave him (a rare thing here) and wanted to know more.
After some inspired teaching and elaboration, he expressed his desire to walk in Christ's footsteps, but that he wasn't sure how to do it.
Davidson and I kinda glanced at each other, then jumped into the prophet Alma's invitation to baptism. He accepted.
Those are my favorite type of lessons, I've come to realize. The ones where the people we are teaching express a desire to repent and start anew before we present it to them. I feel that it makes the whole scenario a bit more spiritual.
Anyway, not much else happening here.
Things are pretty rough with Elder Davidson right now. I feel that it might be the culture gap, but I'm not sure. One minute everything's going great between us and the next he's super pissed off.
I dunno. I need to find how to be more Christlike to him.

I love you all.


1) We’ve been worried about you all week! Are you feeling better?
-I am feeling much better, thank you.

2)  Did you take any medicine?
-I took some anti-bug stuff (Mebendazol) over a period of 3 days.

3) Was it viral or bacterial or parasitic?
-Dunno. But it was high time I took some anti-bug stuff again.

4) How was your singing event?
-It will take place on the 25th of January (Happy 19 months)

5) Are you still with your same companion? How is that going?
-I'm in a really rough patch with him right now, even though we've been having a lot of success lately. I'm doing my best.

Love you too.

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