Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Changes, or not so much?

Hey all!
I've got a couple recordings for you on account of size limits to the email.
Hope all is well!


1.     Have you moved? Or had a transfer? Or change of companions?
*No, no, and nope. In that order.

2.     The big news here is the danger of the Zika virus being spread by mosquitos. It causes microcephaly and/or severe brain damage. I hope the government takes some kind of prevention measures. It’s way worse than Chikangunya.
*They're finally taking "preventative measures" and sending members of the "Ministry of Health" (Ministerio de Salud) to check on people's houses. I need to explain; there are TONS of neighborhoods with unpaved roads. So, when it's the dry season (NOW), things get REALLY dusty and desert-y. A lot of houses in these neighborhoods have this really nasty water pit right next to their house that they draw water from to toss on their dirt ("watering the dirt"). IT happens to be a major spawning point of baby mosquitoes, which is why all homeowners found with these pits are currently fined money.
They're also burning all piles of garbage because the smoke supposedly kills mosquitoes.
Glad they finally got on the ball.

3.     What was up with your stomach bug? Was it a tapeworm?

*Dunno. Don't really care; it's gone now.

4.     Did you get to finish the BYU ecclesiastical endorsement stuff that we sent you? The next step might be registering for classes or for housing. Let us know when you are ready to move on.
*I'm working on it now.

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