Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Singles/Aloneness Day!

Hey all!
This week was definitely pretty positive.
We baptized and confirmed J________ the past weekend. She's really one of my most studious converts, with a sincere desire to follow Christ and a profound interest in the Restored Gospel. I am extremely grateful to Heavenly Father for giving us the opportunity to teach and convert such a soul. I know that if she continues faithfully in the Church, she'll be able to serve a mission in a year and perhaps bring many more souls unto this Gospel.
Much more than wishful thinking. I'd call it "faithful thinking."

This Thursday we got a Multi-Zone meeting with Chinandega and Chinandega-Oeste (plus our zone, Leon, so three in total). I'll get to check up on Lawrence again (serving his last 6 weeks of the mission in Chinandega), and possibly a few other familiar faces. A nice little boost of morale.

As for investigators, we are in search once more. We've recently decided (Davidson and I) to retrace our steps and re-contact a lot of the old investigators in our area. There's surely some success to be found in that regard.
By the way, I have almost 5 months (4 changes) in this same area and zone- which marks the most time I've ever been in one single area. I'm surprisingly not tired of it in the least. I feel that there's many souls here searching for the truth, though they might not know where to find it yet.
By the time I finish this change (last week of March), I will have served 6 months in Leon-- a quarter of my mission here.
And I love it.

I also love the newfound drive to share the gospel back home- I've got our guys' email on-screen as I'm writing this. Good for you guys. I'm so pumped that you want to share these bountiful blessings with your friends and associates.

Also also, Happy Last Valentine's Day Without Being Able to Share it With a Cute Girl.
Yeah. Looking forward to dating in 4 months. Gotta be honest.

I love you all!

P.S. Please respond to my urgent request by tomorrow morning.

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