Monday, March 14, 2016

Definitely A Trying Week...

Hey all!
Here's this week's recording!
So technically I have two companions at the moment: Elder Spencer during the day and Elder Vega at night.
No small amount of stress, though honestly Elder Spencer is a lot more humble and chill than Elder Vega. Don't wanna talk bad on anyone, but I will say that this past week has been one of my biggest patience-testers in my ENTIRE mission.
I can get through it. Don't worry.
Love you all!

Monday, March 7, 2016


[Mom Note: It's hard to upload photos sometimes at different ciber's. So, many of these photos are actually from earlier dates.]

Dead Rat

And The Chess Match Continues....

Lots of changes here and there!
Here's my two recordings for the week. Enjoy!


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Threw Me For A Loop

Hey all!
Well, I'm writing you guys from Waspan, Managua.
Last night at 6PM my ZL's called me and informed me that I was being transferred to Waspan tomorrow.
This is the same area that I started the mission in, so it's kinda surreal to be back here. At least now I can speak Spanish pretty well.

My new comp is Elder Martinez from Huehuetenango (way-way-ten-ahn-go), Guatemala. He's got 10 months in the mish and he's pretty chill.

So, yeah. My head's still spinning right now, but I'm here again.

Also, got the endorsement done from both ends, mine and Prez's.

Love you all!